Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oh Me, Oh My.

Yes. I am posting again... Within minutes of my last post. I am horrid, I know. But I finally am in a location with wifi, so I am taking advantage of it, by golly!

First off, blogs I'd like to thank for being particularly awesome:

(Disclaimer: This does not represent "The Cats and the Berries" as a whole. These choices solely reflect my person opinion, thus Emily cannot be held responsible for any of my bias. Seeing as she doesn't like to play favorites and I am not playing, I really see no problem with this...)

Second, I know I say this everyfriggintime I post, BUT I am really starting to get some ideas in tact for legitimate blog posts. Now the problem lies in my lack of internet. Oh, the hoops I face.

And lastly, some 1950s-style love.

Hair comb borrowed (stolen)  from my mum
shirt from Goodwill
Skirt I made
Shoes gifted from Em, but she got the at Goodwill.

Euphonic Earworms: Sioux City Sue

My hair is red.
My eyes are blue.
So I love this song. 
And you should, too.

I first heard the Bing version on a "Hit Parade of the 1940s" album a summer go.
And now that I am driving a car with only a tape player (well, there is a radio, but I don't usually like radio,) all I listen to is my Gene Autry tape. And I adore his version as well. Actually I really love Gene singing just about anything. I mean I LOVE him. His music... erm. right. Cowboys. Yes.
I am fairly certain I'll be doing a Autry Appreciation post soon. Be prepared.

Peace out, girl scout.

For obvious reasons.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Happy Togetherrr

... that was meant to be said to the tune of The Turtles' 1967 hit.
Though to be honest, the soundtrack of Gee and my travels together in the UK was more of our usual 30's and 40's genres, with a healthy dose of hideously out-of-tune bellowing to Connie Francis tunes thrown in - but never fear, we are not so lacking in social awareness that we did this in public - only on our walks through empty (we hoped) countryside.

Traveling with Gracie was (almost) the perfect end to a wonderful semester in England. I say almost, because for nearly the entirety of our time together, one or the other of us was sick. There were two blissful days where we were both in good health, but even when we were loaded up with LemSip we still had a grand time together. Gracie is a wonderful travel companion, the best I've ever had. Besides the fact that we've been best friends for nine years, we have the same taste and the same interests, so we both wanted to do the same things at the same time. Except for train travel. I loved the UK's rail system, but Gee kept getting motion sick. Poor dear.
Anyway, I hope to go on many, many, many more trips with Gracie before we're both through with this place! (erm.. that would be, life)

So, although I know personal travel pictures are potentially the most boring topic I could choose as my first blog post in.... sheesh, exactly three months!... this is after all our personal blog so I'll just go ahead and share what I like. And I sure loved this trip, with this wonderful friend, through a beautiful region.

In our room at a B&B at Wells.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Retro, Why Naut?

Undoubtably you have already spent hours, as I have, entranced by the glory of Retronaut and all of the beauty and information it beholds.

Here are a few of my favorite images from the site. Naturally they are all from the 1930s and are in full color (yeehaw!)

In all honestly I haven't gone scavenging on there in quite sometime, but as soon as I get a free moment it's on my list of internet to-dos (along with tumblr [because I really like being a part of the Sherlock fandom], etsy, ebay, and practically every other history/fashion related site.)

I hope you enjoy these photos (they make for really good computer wallpapers, I've found : ))

Happy days,


I like these "vernacular"/candid photos a little bit more than the Hollywood ones because they help remind me that real life could be just as vibrant and beautiful as it was portrayed in the media during such a difficult time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Haste.


Emily and I are once again in the same city and both working far too many hours to remember to come up with interesting blog posts. I know I keep promising I'll post something worth while, but I think we both know that's not happening soon. I really just cannot for my life come up with anything interesting to say. And I feel like the majority of the images I love and want to share would be for nothing since Im pretty positive most of them were snagged from other blogs (i.e. your blog)

so personal photos it is, except Emily is not friendly to the camera. These two are the only ones I got on our day trip to Monroe and Madison last weekend. We did a fair bit of vintage shopping. She brought back a few music sheets (shocker!) and some gloves and possibly something else I cannot recall. I bought nothing since I am beyond skint and the most horrid shopper ever.

Eee looking extremely cool (smug) under a lovely ... erm... vintage shark.

The alligator purse. I, personally, think it is ever-so-slightly cute, but Emily was down right disgusted.

And, lastly, my very own daguerreotype boyfriend. :)