Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hairy Pawter and the Curly Ginger Girl

Hey guys.
It's me, Gracie.
Remember me?
Probably not.
That's cool.
I remember you though.
I'm sorry I haven't read any of your lovely blogs in well over a fortnight.
But I'm working on it.
no promises though.

In the mean time, I have hair. Lots of hair. And since I am so very sure you all want to look at it and pull the curls to watch them bounce (they don't so stop touching my hair, please) it and cut it off and keep it for a wig or two (or three) so I am going to post some very private, artsy photobooth pictures. You'll be totes jeal.

Try to not look directly at my face.
It'll burn your eyes out.
some rolly-bangs things.

just incase you thought my hair is always perfect. This is what happens when it is washed, air-dried and then brushed. a lot.

From when I publicly wore my hair parted in the middle for the first time since 2001 (before work)

after work - nice and sticky-outy.

fancy forties styled faux bangs.

beach day.

alright to Imma hope off the interwebs for a while but I WILL BE BACH SOON.

love Graciefacie


  1. Love your beach look. The puffed out hair is pretty amazing, haha!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  2. Wonderful =) Thank you for the smiles! The mid-parted hair do was cute on you, and the beach style is very chic.

  3. Love your hair when it's parted in the middle, it looks really lovely on you! Plus the beach shot is beautiful. x

  4. Unbelievable. You have as much hair as I do! I pincurl my hair to manage my waves (and to quasi-manage the tangles), but they fall out by the second day. I've tried rollers, socks, pincurls. Wet/damp setting is pretty much impossible unless I have a full 24 hours to let my hair dry. Dry setting doesn't hold. I'd love to hear about your technique for setting your curls.