Friday, April 4, 2014

A Lovely Land

I am so very fortunately to reside in this lovely little city, full of adorable cottages and such from the 1930s. Among these quaint residences are also some of the finest Victorians I have laid eyes upon. These pictures are from last Autumn when the whole region was illuminated by the glory of turning leaves. Here is just a glimpse of the best of the best of my neighbor hood:

These pictures are from my aunt and uncle's neck of the woods, or mountain, as it were. 

And then these are from a nearby town and the City

A former school house, my ex-boyfriend claims is "hella haunted".


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  1. Aaah, I love that style of American house. We don't have anything that looks like that here in the UK. I think the third one down is my favourite - just begging to be decorated for Halloween!