Saturday, June 30, 2012

1930's McCall's Designs to set you drooling!

... not that you need to be losing any more liquids during this atrocious heat! Thankfully I'm not in the South right now - I'm interning in LA over the summer - but the temperature in my hometown is 106 degrees today! Stay hydrated and cool if you are anywhere experiencing this heatwave.

And in the meantime, take a look at some of these gorgeous designs from a few different early & mid 1930's McCall's magazines! I apologize for the slightly dingy hue - I took them in a dimly lit library with my iPhone but even so, the incredible color palette shines through!

I want EVERY SINGLE ONE of these. And just look at the back detailing on the bottom far right one, with the strips - the way the back has been pieced together is just marvelous!

And I'll take that tie-gather neck white dress in the back please. In about 5 different colors, thanks. 
And a pretty picture of Madeleine Carroll!
- Emily


  1. DIVINE! BTW, I'm also in LA for the summer right now!!! We should do a blogger meet up!!

  2. Oh drool indeed! I always love these posts of yours. I want to make almost all of them, especially that white sun frock! to decide whether to make it backless halter-neck or as is =D

  3. Jill - That would be absolutely marvelous!! I'll send you an email to work out some details! :)

    Meredith - I know, in the imaginary wardrobe I create based off of these it is always impossible to choose colors and variations on the design!

  4. Love these. My heart's been crying out lately for one of those double breasted blazers...

  5. Indeed- these are amazing! Thanks for posting!

  6. Wow these are incredible! Such beautiful colours.

  7. Oh wow, these really are wonderful! In the hypothetic world when you get that white halter dress in 5 different colours, can I borrow them? pretty please?? :P Wish I had the skills to sew something similar. x

  8. I found your blog today and like it. Especially the header is wonderful: the colours, the sweet girls and everything.