Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Fickle Eye

Here is a small selection of dreamboats and cutie-pies of yesteryear who do not meet the qualifications for our "Can't Help Loving That Man" series, as none of them are celebrities and thus not allowing for maximum stalking-esque research.

Feel free to ogle like there's no tomorrow, as far as they're concerned, there isn't.
My favorite. Yes. Definitely. Partially because it's just such a good photo.
From the flickr of the Library of Congress of New Zealand . . .maybe...?

from Flickr (I think)
from Flickr (I think)

from Flickr (I think)

from Flickr (I think)

From the Library of Congress' Flickr.

I always imagine that this boy was tripping pretty hard on something when this was taken...

Okay, let's just assume all of these are from flickr.

Dude on the left: Holy Phwoar.

I'd go for him, in spite of his 'stache.

New Zealanders

Yeah, he's kind of important.

Possibly my favorite.
Good Day!
xx Gracie


  1. Sigh...I love old photos! That second photo is just adorable - it looks just like a film still. I want to make a whole movie around it.

    The first photo is probably from the National Library of New Zealand. We don't have a Library of Congress because y'know, no Congress ;-)

    My DH says to say that photo of the men jumping is the 1955 New Zealand Ruby League Team doing the Haka. He's quite impressed that you found a photo of a rugby league team, instead of the more well known rugby union playing All Blacks. Let's not let him in on the truth, shall we. ;-)

  2. These are great! "Yeah, he's kind of important." teehee