Sunday, November 20, 2011

Meet Me in the U.kayyyU.kayy

Yes, I was trying to get you to sing "the U.K." like "St. Louis" in a Meet Me in St. Louis -esque way. Congrats to you if you did this with out my helpful hint. 

Anyway, tomorrow I am to ship off for England. I will be in and around London, Oxford and Bath for my first week or so, so if any of you who are in those areas would like to meet up with me and possibly Emily (depending on her school work) please feel free to contact us! I would love to meet other vintage bloggers and get tips from any of you about the location, shopping, museums and all that good stuff. Oh and food, of course. Always food. And maybe drinks, too. We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm still panicking a little bit about my passport, which my mother found TODAY (not however many weeks ago I asked her to) and when I looked at it this morning I saw that it expired last June. Apparently adults get 10 years of use and minors (I was 14 at the time) get half that, but she had did not know this and thought mine would be good another five years. Excellent, right? So, I am going to try to get one tomorrow for a big, stupid fee. I am mad and even more stressed out now. But at least you can see passport photo...

Exciting, isn't it?

I'll let you know if I actually make it across the world, but let us pretend I will.

So long farewell,  auf wiedersehen, good night,
xx Geezer.


  1. Oh, how exciting!! I'm rather envious; sounds like it'll be a lovely time! And your passport picture is unfairly gorgeous, wow (I always look all sallow and sad in official snaps, hehe).
    I also just loved your wedding outfit from a few posts back... such a scrumptious coat and that '80s dress is incredibly elegant!!

  2. Oh wow, such a splendid passport picture. I hope all the stress dissipates before your departure.

    I wish I were in any of the places you mentioned, but alas! In London, definitely visit Islington/Angel. Right next to Angel tube station you can wander through Camden Passage (markets on the weekends!) where there are so many vintage stores, you'll die. Plus the cafés in Islington are amazing. I recommend "The Diner" for mojitos, and for food, just pop in anywhere in Islington really, because it's all divine.

    Bon courage!

  3. Recommend Waterloo. Lower Marsh for shopping: Radio Days for everything vintage, Gramex for an old-fashioned music shopping experience from cylinders and 78s through to 5" aluminium discs, the Ian Allan bookshop for nostalgic gifts. The Imperial War Museum ( free entry ) is nearby: the current 1940s House and The Children's War exhibition are essential. In fact, any sensible person will want to take up immediate residence in the '40s house.

  4. Oh my goodness--I hadn't realized you had already left for England! I hope you're having a wonderful time and you had better be taking lots of photos!

  5. I agree that the passport picture is lovely!
    Hello! (I started following your blog recently when you were mentioned in one of the many lovely vintage blogs I follow)

    I dont know how busy your schedule will be over christmas but, I live in Bath and will be around from Decemeber 30th onwards if you would like a spot of afternoon tea (theres a lovely place called the Canary which is a delight)

    Happy Holidays!
    Sarah (Strawberry Fields)

  6. Oh thank you all! Being the dope I am, I completely forgot I did this post (I did do it only a few hours before I left so I was being stretched a bit thin, after all) so I was unaware of all of your helpful comments! Thanks so so so much for the advice anyway! I coincidentally ended up doing a couple of those recommendations anyway.

    And Sarah, Thank you so much for the invitation. I would absolutely love to meet up with you, but sadly (VERYVERY sadly) I am back in the States already. If you ever come 'round Georgia or South Carolina, please let me know!

  7. Not to worry! I hope you had a lovely visit, Did you like Bath? The costume museum and Roman Baths are both brilliant I think, but pottering around the cobbled streets and tea shops is by far my favourite activity!

    Meryy Christmas! :)

  8. I love your passport photo. You're looking vintage and modern at the same time, soooooo lovely.