Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Charleston Museum

Today I actually left the house and didn't end up at either Costco OR Walmart. It was the most amazing thing. Due to the fact that my car is totaled, I must be driven around by my mother in a rental car (which one cannot drive legally under 25 years old, evidently.) So whenever I can actually get out of the house I am grateful, and today I was even more so because I got to visit downtown Charleston. So what did I do there? I went to the first museum in America.

Reasons why this is so:
1. They have a pretty sweet collection of revolutionary war artifacts (for obvious reasons)
2. They have an even sweeter collection of fossils/skeletons, including a Moa from New Zealand.
3. They have a really bitching collection of 18th - 20th century textiles and fashion plates.
4. They have a nice little selection of antique clothing you can try on, mind you they clothes are very old, smelly and tattered. but still awesome.
5. (possibly the best of all) THEY HAVE A PIANO GEORGE FUCKING GERSHWIN RENTED! (p.s. that is his given name.) 

Take a look-see.

Gorgeous shaw type thing.

Really pretty embroidery on the bum area of this coat. 
Beautiful lace textiles

Dusters for the whole family for just 19.99 (pre-Snuggies, ya'know. okay, bad joke. sorry.) 

You have to see it (especially the collar)  in person to appreciate how beautiful this cape is.

This Cupid fan is my favorite! When it is closed the edge looks like and adorable little arrow!

an attempted close up of said arrow.

mmmm RevWar attire. 

I'm sad to admit, I don't think even a cravat could rescue Mr. Calhoun's appearance. 

when facial just wasn't an option.

Sherm was a boss. A smokin' hot boss.

best advert slogan.

what Chucktown once looked like.

Need glasses?

Salesman's sample trunk

A Bison.

A giraffe. Somehow, I dont think this is a Charleston native.

Heyyyy cutie.

THE PIANO THE ALMOST CAUSED MY DEATH. because I was in such a state of shock after seeing it.
his fingers touched thiiiiiiiiissssssss

and goodnight.


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  1. Hey, I actually think that possum is cute.

    Anyway, Charleston has just moved up on my list of places I want to visit. This museum looks awesome. Was everything crazy with the primary coming up Saturday? I hope the traffic wasn't too bad!