Wednesday, April 11, 2012

McCall's Magazine 1934

More thirties magic from McCall's Magazine to make me wish I had (read: could afford) a personal seamstress. Taken from my university's archives as usual, but this time I only had my iphone, so that would account for the fuzziness. 

And some interesting images from the Beauty section on eyebrows showing starlets' different brow shapes. Marlene Dietrich's "before" image is almost unrecognizable!

- Emily


  1. LOVE! Love! Love! My two favourite words: McCall's and 1934 :) Wow..some of those eyebrow shots are crazy! I love how they think Marlene's eyebrows are exotic but that joan's open up her eyes! eep!

  2. Ack! Don't remind me that I need to pluck my eyebrows! :-) They're usually a bit past "groomed." My mom has naturally thin eyebrows that can be plucked to look very 1930s. I got very different brows in the genetics sweepstakes. Mine are much more Joan Collins than Joan Crawford!