Sunday, February 19, 2012

So Happy Togetherrr

... that was meant to be said to the tune of The Turtles' 1967 hit.
Though to be honest, the soundtrack of Gee and my travels together in the UK was more of our usual 30's and 40's genres, with a healthy dose of hideously out-of-tune bellowing to Connie Francis tunes thrown in - but never fear, we are not so lacking in social awareness that we did this in public - only on our walks through empty (we hoped) countryside.

Traveling with Gracie was (almost) the perfect end to a wonderful semester in England. I say almost, because for nearly the entirety of our time together, one or the other of us was sick. There were two blissful days where we were both in good health, but even when we were loaded up with LemSip we still had a grand time together. Gracie is a wonderful travel companion, the best I've ever had. Besides the fact that we've been best friends for nine years, we have the same taste and the same interests, so we both wanted to do the same things at the same time. Except for train travel. I loved the UK's rail system, but Gee kept getting motion sick. Poor dear.
Anyway, I hope to go on many, many, many more trips with Gracie before we're both through with this place! (erm.. that would be, life)

So, although I know personal travel pictures are potentially the most boring topic I could choose as my first blog post in.... sheesh, exactly three months!... this is after all our personal blog so I'll just go ahead and share what I like. And I sure loved this trip, with this wonderful friend, through a beautiful region.

In our room at a B&B at Wells.

The adorable and very comfortable room at a B&B in Wells. This was absolute luxury for us, we stayed in Hostels the rest of the time.

Pubbing in Bristol

At Blenheim Palace.
Wells again.
THIS WAS ACTUALLY OUR ROOM KEY. Again in Wells, our second night.
Naptime on a rainy day in Wells. The red curtains made the room glow a really pretty and sleep-inducing pink. 
At Millenium Square in Bristol. 

Me creepin' on Cary Grant's statue!
Gee with Mr. Grant.
One of many, many Starbucks visits. We went there at least once everyday to use their wifi.
A delicious savoury tea in Cheddar. Cheese scones with... you guessed it, cheddar cheese! And cheddar from Cheddar, at that.
In Abergavenny.
In Swansea.
Abergavenny. It was SO windy, my fingers were going purple since I always had them out on the camera!

At Abergavenny Castle. 

Pretty lighting at night in our room in Wells.
I think Gee looks like an (angry) Lillian Gish here, doesn't she?
In our room in Wells.
50 percent of our pictures are us trying to keep our hair out of our eyes and/or our eyes squinting and watering in the wind and cold.
I had to be cheesy and get my touristy phone booth picture, but I changed it up by having it taken in Wales! In Abergavenny.
In beautiful, quiet, lovely Oxwich, Wales.

Oxwich just after sunset.

Waiting for a train to Abergavenny.

Gee on our first day reunited, in London.
One more from our room in Wells. I just loved these, and it was odd how Gracie kept reminding me of Lillian Gish in these pictures!
It certainly won't be another three months before my next post! And I look forward to getting back into the blogosphere and catching up on all of your blogs!

- Emily


  1. WOW, looks like it was a great trip!! Some of those photos look like paintings (esp. that first one!). Glorious!

  2. I'm sorry the two of you were sick during your trip! It looks like you did some marvelous things anyway. That B&B looks fantastic. Paul and I are going to England sometime in the coming months (we'll see when he has a lull in the program he's working on). So excited!

    P.S. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  3. It does look like a lovely trip. I need to get out more LOL.

    I wanted to let you know that you received a blog award on my blog. Congrats

  4. Oh, you two look so so gorgeous, and what a lovely time traveling you must've had! I love these pictures, and they're certainly not boring!

  5. Wonderful photos! My boyfriend and I are thinking about going back to the UK this summer, and these photos made me even more exited about it! Also, I really love Gracie's velvet coat.

  6. Wow! Thank you all! It's so nice so have such a friendly welcome back! :)

    Jill - Thanks! I really love photography and "painting-like" is certainly a compliment in my book!

    Lauren - That's so exciting! I really hope you get to go soon. I'm know you two would have loads of fun! If you want any tips on small-town places to go - Gee and I did lots of research on this - let me know!

    Brandy - Thanks for the mention on your blog!

    Dakota - haha, when I read your comment I at first thought you were saying "time traveling" in a sci-fi way, and I was like, ohh I wish, but we do try! ;) Anyway, thank you!

    Johanna - I hope you do go back, especially as an avid reader of your blog - any time you and your boyfriend travel together you come back with the most beautiful pictures!

  7. This looks like an amazing adventure!