Sunday, April 24, 2011

Delicious Desires and Dastardly Disappointments

Okay, so I love food... Like in a Liz Lemon way. Except, I have to say, my palette is a weebit more refined than miss Lemon’s, as in I dont like hot dogs or donuts. Cheese, however.... yum. I miss cheese. I dont eat it here often, but when I go home... ahhhhhh so much happiness happens in my mouth. Because of cheese, I mean. And other fantastic foods, too. No one told me how much college food sucks. I guess I should have assumed, since they make it for the masses, but I didnt.
Anyhow, the reason I brought this topic up is because when I went to my Ma’s house a few weekends ago we stopped along the highway at this shop that sells ciders, pies, and various other homemade goodies. We were hesitant about the purchase of a $14.00 pie, but it was made by the maker of South Carolina’s best pie (and the 2nd best pie in the nation, according to Southern Living []) so we made an exception. I also happily purchased a jar of cinnamon apple jam. 

Almost immediately after the purchase of fancy-pants pie. (I apologize for the crappy computer camera quality....)

Once we finally got to the house we started in on the pie we had earlier decided to share with the rest of our family (who live not 15 minutes away). I hate to say it, but what a bust! The pie (apple, of course!) had almost non-existent flavor, was too dry for our liking, and had mediocre crust. I was so disappointed, you have no idea. I managed to eat two slices within it’s short time in our possession (two days, which is actually a really long time for our family...) but the whole while I was waiting for it to get better. When I have made pies in the past, though they were not award-winning, they were much, much better than this lady’s! Also, my sister makes even better pie than I! In fact, her pies are the reason I even started to like pie! That being said, I would like to confess I am an avid baker and have developed quite the sweet tooth since I discovered my wee, elfin hands could produce delicious treats. I was 13 when I first realized this and yet somehow my skills havent attracted as many friends as I would have hoped. Anyway, that’s not why I bake. I bake because I like being able to enjoy the product of easy work and a little bit of know-how. Baking and cooking is so much easier than a lot of people make it out to be! What’s my point? Oh yeah, I guess I’m just writing this because I have been wanting to bake a lot the past few days so it’s really all I can think about. Baking and ice cream making. I am going home in a week and Im hoping to make more cup pies (a la Pushing Daisies, only not as neat-looking) and ice cream. I'm thinking lemon ice cream... I have really been wanting to try it out and it’s been such perfect weather for a nice chilly, citrus-y treat! 

Apple Cinnamon cup pies.

I'm sorry to have bored you with my random post about food. But hey, who doesn’t like a long-winded series of complaints and plans related to chow?

.... Have a lovely evening, all! And if you have the opportunity, go bake something! 

- Gracie


  1. Oh, I am all about pie, too.'s quite dangerous to live near those stands (though it is really really too bad your pie turned out to be a bust. You should start your own stand hehe). We actually live steps away from an amazing apple orchard that has a general store that sells home-made pies that are to die for. Sometimes I wish they tasted like sawdust because when it's prime season, I tell ya, we're bringing home one of those babies per week and suddenly my dresses are tighter than they were :)

  2. I have seriously thought about starting my own bakery/ice cream shop, but I dont know that I have a mind for entrepreneurship. And my goodness, getting a weekly pie sounds so fantastic, even if it does make it hard to maintain a girlish figure. Who cares when it tastes soooo good?!