Monday, April 18, 2011


Greetings Earthlings,

It's been a long time in the making, but we have finally created our blog! This is the beginning of what we hope will become a very inspirational, informative, and beautiful blog. It's exciting and a little overwhelming to think of all of the things we hope to say, show, teach, and learn from becoming vintage-focused bloggers, but I think we are prepared for the challenges! We are Gracie and Emily, the authors of The Cats and the Berries! We love old fashioned music and aesthetics, and are especially enamored with the 1930s and 1940s - but we certainly do not mind the majority of things made/designed during the entire first half of the 20th century and even a teeny weeny bit beyond that.

We are undoubtedly history nerds, only without the vast accumulation of knowledge we would hope for at this point in our long lives (a whole 37 years between the two of us!) We have been friends since 6th grade and friend-soulmates since 8th. We have the highest amount of respect for each other and always have had a fantastic time growing into young adults together. Since college has separated us physically (even though we have both remained in our home state), and roommates limit our Skype/phone time, we intend to further develop and even strengthen our friendship by blogging together about the things we love, and maybe even the things we have different opinions on.

A little more to chew on: At the present Emily is planning to major in film at an undisclosed university and Gee is studying historic preservation at SCAD. We are both Atlanta born-and-raised, and have come to love the good ol’ South, despite the abundance of fried food, football fanatics, and torturously hot summers. We don’t know just what we want to do with our lives in terms of careers, but we know that whatever we do we would ideally like to inspire others to find and seek out the beauty in life - and maybe along the way bring to light the dichotomous mystery of and connection with the past that can engage and enrich us all.

In addition to our continuing friendship, we hope to make new friends with similar interests, because as blog-readers ourselves, we already know you're out there! We look forward to getting to know and learn from the blogoverse, and we hope you will enjoy our (cyber) company!

- Emily & Gee

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