Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Feast for the Eyes

Recently I’ve become rather smitten with early 20th century illustration. For awhile I pretty much exclusively paid attention to photographs (film stills, studio portraits, personal photos, etc) in my quest to satiate my aesthetic appetite, but (to continue the metaphor) I feel as if I’ve discovered a new and exotic cuisine in illustration.
Below are some images I gathered the other day from Silverbluestar's Flickr stream. I just love the colors and whimsy and romance – in both senses of the word. I hope you enjoy them too!
by Barbier, 1919

by Brunelleschi, 1912

by Barbier, 1914

by Lepape... I forgot to mark the year.

by Martin, 1913

by Romme, 1919

Maybe my favorite of the bunch! I forgot to get the artist's name though.

by Brunelleschi, 1914

by Wegener, 1914
- Emily 

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