Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let's Get Some Balls Rolling!

- or rather, let’s get this ball (blog...) rolling. I am more than anxious to get going on posts. I thought it would be nice to start with an outfit post because I know those are always my favorite part of reading other blogs! (unless there is cooking/baking mentioned... those might be my real favorite... it’s a really hard choice.) Anyway, so yesterday I wore one of my favorite tops which happens to be a sweater-blouse, and that was... well, really dumb actually. Why? Because I live in the south. Where it is hot and humid everyday. Okay, not really everyday, but most, including yesterday. Especially at this time of year. And it will only get worse as we get into summer. Thankfully the only time I go outside is to get to classes and that usually doesn’t take that much time. But alas, I managed to get all gross-sticky feeling anyway. Regardless, I wore it and after the too hot bus trip to class I was glad to have it on, for it kept me warm in my glacial-esque class, despite it being short sleeved. 

I got it on a Goodwill trip over my spring break with Emily. She is actually the one who found it but she said her boobs were too small for it to look good, so naturally I got to try it on. And I LOOOVE it. It’s got the cutest pattern on the top and the color is so lovely. and it’s soft, which is always a good thing, right? So here it is, in all of it’s purple glory along with an A-line skirt, also picked up at goodwill (different trip, though), my new (to me) sandals from Etsy, and my not at all vintage jewelry. The thimble necklace I made a few years ago and the button charm bracelet I got for my 18th birthday.  

So yes, this is a taste of how I look/dress daily. I, like many of you, am frequently asked if I am going to be in some sort of production or doing a project. And by those who have begun to recognize me as "that weird vintage girl" I am asked about why I do it. I don’t think I need to explain myself on here right now, but I might at a later point. The questions that astound me the most are the ones that are inaccurate. Like when people see me and ask "Why 1920s?" .... I mean I get not knowing the differences between the 1820s and the 1840s if you're not an expert, but the 1900s was so recent, how could someone not know the difference between any of the decades? Plus there is so much recorded from that time and so so so much reproduced and represented in films and TV and such. I guess I forget sometimes that just because knowing stuff like that is important to me doesn't mean it is to other people. I also forget how bad most schools are about teaching kids about recent history. It's pathetic really. Blerg, sorry for the rant! It just really gets my goat. 

On another note, please forgive my crap lipstick, I didn’t have time to fix it since I didn’t know how long my roommate would be sleeping. Yes, I took these sneakily whilst she snoozed the afternoon away, to avoid awkwardness. She already thinks I photograph my drying underwear (a long, unrelated story. maybe I'll tell it someday...) I don’t need anymore reason for her to think I’m into weird picture shenanigans. 

Well, That's all for now. I'm off to finish my sculpture project... or at least attempt such.

Until next time, farewell and have a pleasant tomorrow.

- Gracie

yep, my legs really are that lovely corpse color. 

detail of my necklace and top.


  1. thanks for your comment on my blog! Glad to have found yours...eager to be the first follower :)

  2. Thanks! we're pleased as punch that the great Baroness is our first follower - I've been a (silent) reader of your blog for a while now! :)

    - Emily