Wednesday, March 14, 2012

McCall's, mid-late 30s!

Some more from my university's magazine archives! I must say, while I always check out Vogue and McCall's when I'm there, I usually prefer the style pages of McCall's - they used color printing much more often, and their illustrations were more straightforward (but still full of plenty of Fancy, as you can see!) than Vogue's sometimes too-artistic ones that made it difficult to make out the clothing.

Le sigh. Flipping through these pages is always sheer agony of longing.

More proof that the past suffered from some comically obvious false advertising, just as today! I don't know what people would've said then, perhaps, "Sheesh, they should've gone easier on the handpainting!" 

The outfit in the middle... phowwwar I want this!

I love the cute little upturned collar on the girl in the back. 

The red (rust), white, and blue-periwinkle number with the little neck scarf looks perfect for a casual (and rather patriotic) look for running around in the early spring!


  1. love, love, love.....sigh....those gowns are amazing!

  2. DROOL! I agree with Debi...I'm in love with the floral gowns

  3. I love old issues of McCall's! That was a really awesome all-around women's magazine--good recipes, too. I really like the turned-up stripy collar, too.