Saturday, March 3, 2012

Let's Talk Crop.

I know it's winter-like weather somewhere. Probably where you are. For that, I am sorry. But for those of us who are getting to enjoy the warmth (and humidity) of the south, I would like to bring up a fashion I have only recently become OK with: crop tops.

Not the 1990s baggy/trashy crop tops (you know what I'm talking about. Hipsters wear them now. And sorority girls [odd demographic...]. Usually with a lacy and/or neon bra underneath.)
Or the early 2000's super tight, very ugly, pop-star crop tops I grew up knowing, but something more akin to ... well, good fashion.

The thing I love about them is they can (seemingly) be worn with any length/style skirt or pants and still look very nice. And they can look classy or playful or anything you can dream of, if you choose the right accompanying garment. You can even look like a genie. It's really magical.
There are a variety of styles from the 1930s-50s which I have seen that I really like and hope to make soon. Oh you want to see them? Good.
Let's see how fast we can get through this, shall we?

Ginger in a sortakinda-cropped top, circa 1937.

Norma Jean on her (first) honeymoon in the 40s, wearing an adorable playsuit.

Girl in the middle. She knows what's up.

Ging again.

You can go sweet teen, summertime crop.

or country-bumpkin/gymnastic performer crop.

or showgirl crop.

or fancy-lady crop.

or Hedy-crop. aka Awesome-crop. but seriously, is her shirt not the cutest?

Ok, does this count? You can see her midriff so I say yes, but it may not technically be a "crop top"...

I will most likely attempt to make something like this very soon.

ok not a crop top at all, but it's E.T. so it's all good.

I LOVE this knitted top.

and this one. A LOT.

yes. this please.


this is cropped. right? right.

And when she was a young model, being adorable.

why is she perfect?

and of course, Rita. Always Rita and the skin.
Phew! That wasn't too bad, was it?
And we got through it with nary a sight of Carmen Miranda or Barbara Stanwyck! (this is a big deal for me. and for them since 99% and 92% of their outfits, respectively, showed their midriffs.)

Ok, so ... thoughts? Are crop tops okay now? Or ever? Or always? 

Let me know. Please. Before I go out in the world looking too cool for school, but not quite cool enough to actually get respect.
Ok I will probably still wear these, even if you tell me not to. Mostly Im just curious about your opinions.


p.s. I almost forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEAN-Y BEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love crop tops but only ever 40s style. I hate the ones that people are wearing right now that show the belly button. That's just icky. But so long as your skirt is at your waist, a crop top is awesome. I only have one so far but I plan on making plenty for this summer and I am right in the middle of a skirt I'm making specifically to be worn with a crop top (with a schmancy waist detail). So hurrah to crop tops!

  2. Oh yes, of course high-waisted skirts only! I sort of thought that was a given, considering I'm author. ;)

  3. I admit, these are all really tasteful. And I love the halter top with the white shorts and keds... LOVE that look.
    I just wonder how much weight I need to drop to be able to wear it ;)
    Lovely selection!

  4. Brilliant post. I hadn't realized just how ubiquitous the 40s crop top was!!!

  5. Midriff anything is my favourite! Thanks for all the lovely pictures!

  6. You convinced me; go crop tops, go crop tops!!

  7. Personally, I haven't worn a crop top in over a decade, but any even teeny tiny bit of extra weight on me goes straight to my tummy--not totally ideal for the whole crop-top thing. However, I think the 30s/40s ones are nice and not slutty. The high waist certainly helps--I might be able to get away with it.