Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Pajama and Loungewear Obsession: Part Three

Here's part three (one and two) of the pajama and loungewear series, a good four months after it began! This time, with a bit of trepidation, I'm sharing some of my favorite personal loungewear and boudoir finds.

Probably my favorite part of reading other blogs is the outfits posts and/or vintage finds posts other vintage-inclined ladies around the world share. I'm pretty terrible about doing them myself (I think I've done a grand total of one so far), mostly because I really am pretty awkward in front of the camera and am really not photogenic (it's okay, I'm fine with my real-life self. But the camera doesn't like my face), but I also have little patience for fiddling with the self-timer. 
Anyway, I finally did some today, because I recently added a 40's robe to my collection, and figured I may as well share that and my others as part of the series! I apologize for the rather unimaginative posing, this would be my camera awkwardness at work.

I'm also wearing Daniel Greens in all of these - I've got three pairs! They really are so comfy, I wish Daniel Green would re-issue their designs from the 20s-40s because they perfectly wed prettiness with comfort. The heels aren't bad at all - on the two dark blue pairs they're only 1.5 inches, and the light blue ones, which I think are late 40s or early 50s, are pretty tall, but are still fine!

My newest addition - a 40s swishy rayon robe scored on eBay for 30 bucks! I love the side tie and the aforementioned swooshiness of this, I feel like I'm wearing a (rather floral) Hogwarts gown when I walk around the house in it - I realize this is an odd association but ah well!

(Had to cut my face out, it was seriously herp derpin' it up, I was mid-sentence talking to my mom, who insists on yelling to me from wherever she is in the house.) My first vintage boudoir find, from an estate sale freshman year I passed by while walking my dog, also for $30! It is a three part set, with the nightgown, the bolero, and a robe! I love this, because it makes it totally functional year round - wear it with the robe in colder months, or with the lacy bolero in the summer. I had to pinch this back in the back though because it's much too big in the bust and waist, but I just can't let it go and sell just yet. 
The robe that goes with the above set. I just love all the buttons down the waist and the delicate creamy lace! Le sigh. I rarely wear this because I'm so afraid I might damage it.
Also an estate sale find - a mid 30's rayon nightgown, scored for $3, and it was never worn!! I was surprised to find once I tried it on that I like the empire waist - usually I'm really not a fan of these. I can't actually wear this to sleep though because the arm holes are SO tiny, I mean, who ever owned this was positively twig-armed, and arm-fat pinching isn't very sleep inducing. Do you think it would be weird to wear this as a day dress?
I got this in a tiny town in Massachusetts. Again, I was a sucker for the lace and peachy pink color!
Do you all have any favorite boudoir or sleepwear finds? I'd love to see them - link them in the comments if you've got some to share! 

And if you do have some lovely vintage nightwear, do you ever wear it/how often do you wear it? 
I find that I hardly wear mine, at least when I'm at home or at school. At home my parents and brother would tease me, and at school in dorms/group housing it would just be awkward and probably give people the wrong impression. The only time I've ever reguarly slipped into my vintage loungewear is when I was living on my own in Boston, where except for a never-present roommate, I could just do my own thing without worrying about people judging my desire to swoosh around!

Happy zzz's to all of you,



  1. Oh my, I adore your collection! That cream lace 3-piece set is such a dream!!!

    I do indeed sleep in many of my vintage nighties, though I share your anxiety with the older silks. Truthfully, though I'm not wild about most '60s fashions, I have a lot of thrifted pajamas from that time by Vanity Fair, Gilead, et al. They're sufficiently glamourous without being too too fragile.

    OH, and I went through the ol' "modern roommates vs. me and my fancy floor-length robes". They thought I was insane at first, but eventually they cottoned on to my strange vintage ways!

  2. Oooh, so pretty...and the colour of your slippers = swoon!

  3. What great finds and I totally agree that there should be some re-issue Daniel Greens. Their current range is totally unglamorous. I know what you mean about damage--I put a huge hole in one of my 60s slips. :-/

  4. What a beautiful collection!

  5. Stunning collection- really lovely- I couldn’t possibly choose a favourite!
    I wear quite a lot of my vintage nightwear every day (or should that be night!)- though I do have some that I’m saving for best, and some, like you said are just too fragile to wear, but too lovely not to own!

    Tupney x

  6. These are beautiful! I especially love the three piece set, the robe is amazing! I have a pair of silk 1930s pajama pants and I wear them, I feel fabulous when I do!

  7. WHat a gorgeous collection you have! And I think you look very pretty- not unphotogenic at all!

    I don't have any vintage sleepwear, but I plan to sew some. eventually, when I get the time...

  8. You're looking like a forties' beauty from the movies.

  9. Waw! Amazing! Such a great post you have shared about Womens NightWear!