Monday, May 23, 2011

All I Want is Loving You and Desserts, Desserts, Desserts

Howdy'do, folks!

Gracie here to talk to you about (okay, mostly to show you) my fantastic treat-filled weekend with my mommy. I am lucky enough to go to school only two hours away from her house so I go there (too) frequently.  This weekend was the first I actually did some of what I had hoped to, however, so I am really really happy. Obviously.

So, first things first: DESSERTS.

This weekend I made two batches of ice cream and, consequently, two friggin' fantastic types of frozen goodies. If you want recipes let me know!

1) Chocolate covered strawberry ice cream bites.

this picture sucks, I know, but it's the only one I took of the finished product. Dumb me.

2) Mint ice cream-chocolate chip cookie sandwiches

I know the internet really downgrades the impressiveness of baking, but trust me, these were awesome. And I am generally very critical about my work, so you can have faith that these were actually good.

Next thing: Outfit post numero dos!

Today I wore all modern clothes!!! IT WAS MADNESS. Not really....
And, okay, when I say "modern clothes" I mean that they were made in the last few years by big manufacturers that sell modern styled clothes to lots and lots of people who often over look the more classic styles being sold. And I have no problem with wearing clothes like this if they look nice (which I think they do!) so, in that regard I am not a snob, but if we start in on the topic of other modern clothes... well, that's when I'll get a little pompous and mean and angry. So, lets save that for another day, shall we?

Anyway, since I actually left the house today (I had nothing left to bake...) to go see "Water For Elephants" with my mutti, I changed out of my strawberry-and-chocolate-covered '50s dress into this outfit.

The baby in my arms is Pi. She's pleasantly plump and the source of many-a-asthma attack of mine. But I love her.

Top: Anthropologie. (Oh how I miss having gifts cards for the lovely place)
Jeans (my only pair, mind you!) are hand-me down Lucky Brand. I think they're meant for boys though, since I got them from my cousin and I don't think he cross-dresses, though I could be wrong.
Loafers: Goodwill
The weird belt (which happens to be the only one I had with me) is a hand-me-down from my aunt.

In other exciting news, I finally invested in quality lipstick and liner. I had never owned lip liner before last friday, but now I don't know that I can go on without it. I bought MAC brand because I have heard/read really good things about it, it was not super-pricey (though it did cost over twice as much as what I paid previously.... I'm just really frugal, I guess) they have a color in matte finish that I really like (Russian Red), and it doesn't have the highest lead content, so I won't die as soon. I hope. I also finally replaced the eye liner my sister stole from me. So that was fun.
I was also really happy with how my hair turned out today, despite several preliminary un-victorious victory rolls this morning.
Gardenias in my hair always smell so nice and remind me of one of the songs Keira Knightly sings in "Edge of Love"

That's enough of my uninteresting mess of a weekend. Hope you lot had a great one!!

So long for now,



  1. I love this outfit - it's pretty but casual, too. And MAC is great. I still haven't tried Russian Red...
    -Andi x

  2. Lovely outfit, that top is so pretty! :) I have been looking for a similar one but so far no luck... Loving the hair and cat as well!

  3. Thanks thanks, gals. Oh Russian Red is wonderful, I think.