Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fancy Feet

Not really fancy, but just well-adorned. Of my many, many vintage wish-list items, shoes are easily at the forefront. Partly because I just love shoes. Really, it probably isn’t good how much I like them. Maybe its because they are both functional (cover and protect your feet) and aesthetically satiating – they present a chance to do as you will with pretty details and decoration, all on this tiny and concentrated canvas. And, unlike clothing, people don’t think its weird if you wear the same ones all the time, so you can get a lot of use out of them.

They’re also at the top of my list because I don’t have any (vintage pairs, that is), besides two amazing Daniel Greens (not taking those out of the house) and a mid 40s style sandal that is pretty fragile. This part of my wardrobe is left largely undeveloped due to money and the fact that size 8s are somewhat harder to find - the average ladies' shoe size in the 30s and early 40s was tiny! Here are a few pictures of shoes that I’ve coveted over the past few months - it was really difficult to narrow the list down! Taken from etsy, ebay, other blogs, the internets… unfortunately I didn’t do well at marking where I found them. Enjoy!

- Emily

Oh, how I love all of these. The rainbow woven style tie-up sandals would be perfect for the beach/sport, and I love the three at the top, especially the all-black ones. 

From eBay or Etsy, a while ago. They were quite expensive, and I think really small. But aren't they lovely? The clear heel is an interesting detail. 

I just LOVE these. I almost bought them, but realized I was fooling myself as they are about a half-size too small and too-small shoes are torture. WHY vintage gods, WHY?? I adore the silhouette. 

Again, I love the silhouette, and the creme/red color combo!
These would be great for summer.

The gorgeous and talented Ann Miller in a simple but jealousy-inducing getup. Her shoes are wonderful and show how something in the construction of 30s and early 40s shoes created a certain flattering silhouette of the foot. 


  1. ohhhh, yeahhhh! LOVE! I know what you mean about the pain of falling in love with too-small 30s shoes, though. So heartbreaking when you find an amazing pair but they're that crucial bit too small. :*(

  2. Indeed! I was at a vintage store today and saw the most gorgeous pair, that looked very similar to the brown suede ones with the clear heel but with a matching brown heel, but they were a size 4 1/2 - I mean, really??! How did anyone ever fit those??