Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Grand Gran

Here's some eye-candy for all of you who are as clothing, hair, hat and shoe obsessed as I am.
There are some really glorious things that were in my family's possession. Curses upon who ever decided it was a good idea to throw out the things they didn't wear anymore!

My Tia Middy and my grandma, Ana, in 1943 (-ish). 
Ana, a friend I have yet to identify, and Middy in 1943.

Another unidentified friend and Ana at 18.

I've really gotta find out who these friends are.... yeah ANOTHER unidentified friend and Ana  in the mid 40s.

From left to right, back to front: a lady, Josie, another lady,  Middy,  and little Geraldine on Ana's lap.
1943 (I think...)
I have another group photo from this day with them in a bit of a different arrangement and in it you can see my grandma's shoes and OHMYZEUS they are so cute. I really love them and must find some similar ones soon!

Middy and Ana.
Grandma told me that her hat and dress were a really lovely matching blue color, which really just makes it even worse that she didn't hang on to them. She also in her squirrel fur coat here. I think it's mighty cute, I must admit.
Ana with a less than flattering facial expression (must be where I get that from...) mid 40s
Middy, Tio Jimmy, Ana, and a levitating baby... 1943 outside of Tia Josie's house.  Grandma is in a dress Middy made for her and in some darn-tooting gorgeous shoes.

Ana playing in kudzu? I have no idea what plant that is, but it looks like kudzu to me... that is so irrelevant. sorry. 1943. 

My maternal grandmother was fortunate enough to be born in 1925, meaning she was (what I would consider to be) the perfect age during the 1940s. And even more fortunately she was born in New York, New York to a family of sensible Spanish parents, two clever sons and one exceptionally stylish daughter; my great aunt Maruja (also called Middy, because my mom couldn't pronounce her name.) Don't get me wrong, my gran is fantastic, but her baby sister is the one who I am truly impressed by. I will post more about Middy and her fascinating experiences at a later time, but for now I just wanted to introduce her and my grandmother to put these photos into some context. They had a beautiful up bringing despite the global turmoil of the time and the fact that they were never close to being monetarily wealthy (they were Spanish immigrants, after all, so they were sort of limited in opportunities.) I am so proud to be able to claim these people as my relatives.

As much as I appreciate living in this age, I often day dream about growing up along side my gran in the 30s and 40s.
I know I'm not the only one who does this ... right?

yours always,


  1. what stylishness!!!! wow! I can't help but think a couple of those photos seem later than 1943, though. The one with the gals on the sofa and a little girl on your gran's lap and the one with the 'levitating baby' outside Tia's house seem more very late 40s or even 1950s? Just a thought. Anyway, beautiful pics. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. That's actually what I had thought too, but my gran seems to be set on that year ('43) for most of them. I am going to re-consult with her though to see if I get the same answer...
    I am so glad you enjoyed them!


  3. Amazing photos! Your relatives were crazy stylish.

  4. Thanks & I know! I am so so jealous of them.

    x Gee

  5. Great pictures! Love the squirrel fur!

  6. Thank you! Oh I know it isn't it the most fantastic thing?!