Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebrity Celebration #1 - Alice Faye

As I am sure many of you know, last week on May 5th was Alice Faye's day of birth. She would have turned 96 if she were still alive. To celebrate I planned on treating my self to lots of ice cream and cookies. But really I was doing homework all day. Because this is college and I can do nothing else with my time.... three weeks left and then boredom! ... erm, I mean... freedom! Yay, summer time.

Ahh! Enough of my personal nonsense, back to Alice. She is one of my top five favorite actresses. I just love her so so so much. And Emily has come to love her just as much as I do, if not more. To be honest, when I saw her for the first time in "In Old Chicago" I wasn't all that impressed by her. I had rented that film because of Tyrone Power actually... he is so dreamy. Like melt your soul dreamy. ...Anyway, so I didn't really like her (because I am dumb and was envious she got hit on by Tyrone,) but then I watched "Rose of Washington Square" and "Alexander's Ragtime Band" (all because of Ty-Pow) and grew to love her and like him a bit less though I'd still go for him if I had a chance.

So what is my favorite film of hers that I have seen? "Tin Pan Alley" for sure. Though I haven't seen many more than those four, so I'm probably not the most knowledgable about which film of hers is the absolute best. What I love about her is how she was beautiful in a way I don't think a lot of other actresses were.  I mean, she had a sort of baby-face and a less than "ideal" nose. She was also a mediocre dancer (at least, compared to some of her very light-footed contemporaries), and had a deep singing voice (not that that was a bad thing at all, but just unusual at the time).  But for those things I love her more. She was also a really good person. She wasn't a diva and she cared about people. I think if I had been around she and I could have been friends.

So, for your viewing pleasures, here are some of my favorite photos of my dear Alice Faye and a clip from "Tin Pan Alley" of her and Betty Grable (another 1/5 of my favorites) preforming a beloved song.

Tyrone Power and Alice Faye in "In Old Chicago"

Alice and her husband Phil


I hope you enjoy her as much as I do!
- Gracie

P.S. Sorry I am not a great blogger, I am trying to finish school up for the term, so maybe in a few weeks I'll be able to keep up with everyone!

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