Friday, May 27, 2011

Doin' the Dirty

And by "the dirty" I mean procrastinating the dozen or so things I need to do over the next several hours, including writing a paper on a local Gothic Cathedral's architecture, creating tiny gardens and zombie food (unrelated) and starting and finishing an 8-10 page essay about historic gardens. Im starting to wish caffeine had an affect on me, but alas...
So, what better way to not do what I need to than by online shopping (no luck there of course) and blog browsing (sadly, there is only so much I can take in at once!) and posting?!
Here you have it folks! More pictures of my gorgeous family in the heart of the good ol' U.S.A., New York, New York. For the majority at least...

Ana at 15 years. Pre-glamour it seems... Still love it. Oakdale, NY, USA.
Ana outside of Tia Josie's house at 18 years (so she says....) Also, she looks A LOT like my mom here. Which makes sense, but it's still really weird.
Ana at 15 lounging in Oakdale, NY.

Ana at 7 years on her rooftop Easter morning. Gloves and hats were the typical Easter gift from her mother who insisted upon her children dressing nicely, no matter how much the protested. Clearly that hat was doing little in the way of sun protection.
Josie, Jimmy, Dolores Santini, and Ana (in front, looking a bit tomboy-ish)
Geraldine messing with something she shouldn't be.... typical.
Middy, Lady, Ana, Lady. GRANDMA'S (Ana) SHOES!!!! and Middy's, too.

At the Santini house. Ana is the one on the far right. The cute one, obviously. The older chap in the middle is her pop, my great grandfather.
Alrighty, it seems I am being forced to end this now, since my roommate is going to sleep and I have a hard time typing in the dark.

Have a happy friday!

x Gee

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