Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lovely Ladies of the Past: Jean Harlow

I honestly really did not like Jean Harlow a whole lot until a few months ago. I think it was because I only knew the sex-symbol she represented and I resent women like that. Then I started watching her films and became sort of smitten. She is a wonderful actress and is SO, so funny! Even when she plays a slutty manipulative hoe (per Red Headed Woman, which was not the ginger-empowering film I had hoped it would be...) I love her. So now I have a huge girl crush on her... Also, not too sound crude, but HER BODY. Oh my god. I had forgotten about that aspect of her intrigue. It's not a sexual thing for me, but an appreciation for fit, yet very curvy actresses. And really she and Alice Faye are the only ones I can think of that are like this (ok, of my top 6 favorites list, they are....) Also she was pretty short, so that always makes me happy. Also, obviously, men loved her and some (of good taste) still do! This makes me infinitely happy (especially when they're... ehem young good looking men). I will never forgive myself for not giving her a chance sooner!
I have now seen a few of her films and am trying to see most all of them, but Netflix is slow here and I am surprisingly busy. One day I will have seen them all, I swear it! 

For now just ogle over some of my favorite images of her. Some are computer colorized (not by me) and some are black and white. There's a good mix of publicity photos and more candid ones. Hopefully you'll see some you haven't seen or even some you have seen and forgot about and how much you love her! And then you'll love her again. And all will be well with the world.

One of my favorite colorizations!

Looks like a bit like a Chap event, doesn't it? I love her costume!

She is so adorable even holding that funny looking pup.

I've always loved this one because of her hair and the little bow!

I am biased and love this quote from "Red Headed Woman".. you know why (even though I'm naturally blonde)

Ohmygeeee I love her outfit. Look at those shoes. Just look. 

Does she not seem like she would be a total dream for a friend?! I think she would be. As most of her fans do, I wish she had lived longer if not to continue to make her mark on Hollywood, to at least get a chance to enjoy a happy life she fully deserved. 

I'm gonna go stick some ribbon in my hair and go to class now,



  1. Beautiful! Love the one of her sitting in front of a typewritter, reading a book. Funny, I always have a hard time getting past her eyebrows, or lack thereof! A gorgeous woman, with a fabulous body for sure. I must see more of her films.

  2. These pictures are really beautiful! But I think she had a quite strange face, not a standard beauty. I prefer 40's or 50's actresses.

  3. A wonderful collection of pictures! And I realize that I have never actually seen one of her movies- I must do something about that!

    TE SIGO !

  5. I hadn't seen many of her films before TCM did a 100th birthday celebration earlier this year. I really liked most of them! And yes, she always had fabulous clothes (and a fabulous figure). I would say "lucky girl," but her personal life was indeed rather tragic.

  6. I am also thinking about some "lovely ladies of the past" post for my blog but I am not decided which of the beautiful laides I will chose:)
    I've already written about Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren... but now I'd like to write some post about some 1940s gal:)