Sunday, October 9, 2011

Amusing Annuals #3

It's been a while since I shared photos from my paternal grandmother's high school annuals, so as a means of dedication to this blog (and maybe a little bit of procrastination) I am here to show off the Harrisville High School yearbook of 1951, freshmen year for my gran, Ella. I hope you enjoy!

My great uncle, Sam at the top & centered, looking wistful

mmmm b-ball boys. Gotta love those minishorts.... : /

Cute outfits and my great aunt, Sybil, is the second from the right on the bottom row.

Even cuter uniforms! My gran, Ella, is the third from the left in the back row.

A school paper staff never looked so good.

Ella is fifth from the left on the bottom row.

Ella is the center on the bottom row.

Oh that Ollie Harper, again.

THAT GIRL IS HOLDING KITTENS!!!!!! and it makes me so glad.

I really love both Seth and Vaughn's senior quotes.
"Happy am I, from care I's free" &
"I'm not lazy, Im just saving my energy."

Lots of cute clothes. Ella is in the bottom photo, on the very left. 

A close up, just in case you wan tto pretend there is some resemblance between us (other than being short)

Can you say "metropolis"?



  1. Your Grandmother was a very pretty woman. It struck me, how very thin all the girls were, back in the day. I didn't see one that could be considered "chunky." :) A lovely stroll down memory lane.

  2. I love this feature! I'm always amazed at how fabulous everyone looks. I graduated in 2004 and I promise we did not look this good. I actually don't think I've gone back and looked at my yearbook...