Monday, October 24, 2011

The End is Nigh!

I'm not talking about the end of the world, by the way.

My semester is almost over.

Eek/ick/crap. I have a month of classes left and sooooo much work to do, so if I go missing, as Emily has, don't be too worried. More likely than not, though,  I will be using the blog as a means of procrastination. Yep, I'm still doing that.

Anyway, because the quarter is coming to a close I am getting antsy about getting my trip to the UK worked out. I'll be there for three weeks and as excited as I am, I am also scared beyond belief. It's not like I'm going to be alone, Emily and I are rejoining to run a muck in a new country (or two!) but still, travel is nerve-racking.

Mostly I'm just worried about not being able to travel lightly enough... I am not know for my ability to simplify my wardrobe. I like options. Leave me alone.

So far my plan is to pack 4 (warm) skirts, two pairs of trousers, several blouses/unders/stockings (because they can be packed very tightly), rain boots, walking shoes (which I do not own...), maybe a dress, and MAYBE a pair of heels (because I desperately want to go to fancy things and I love heels more than the world).

An outfit I will most likely end up packing. Bad idea? The only reason I think it might be is because I could wear this fairly comfortably in Savannah's "fall" (aka warm) weather... Maybe with wool stockings/tights I'll be better suited.
Top & skirt: Goodwill (Atlanta)
Shoes: antique store (Madison)
Clip: Walmart (Charleston)

My biggest concern is how I am to chose which sweaters I should bring. I LOVE.LOVE.Love. sweaters. A lot. And I have lots of them. And I could justify bringing almost all of them on a three day trip if you asked me to. It's pretty bad. I'll have to pay attention to my wardrobe choices over the next few weeks to figure out which ones I really love and which will be the most sensible for the climate over yonder.

One of my favorite sweaters. Also, yes I'm brushing my teeth... I don't know what I was thinking by taking this picture, but it's the only one I took of this outfit... I know. I don't understand either.
Late 1950s beaded sweater: Scott Antique Market ($35)(outside ATL)
Blouse: Goodwill (ATL)
Green felt skirt: handmade two weekends ago (DEF taking this with me. It is warm and toasty. and green)
Any suggestions from those of you who have experienced the weather of early December in the UK? I have only been in the summertime and in late January, and I haven't the slightest idea of how much the climate changes over those months (I mean between early December and almost February.)

If you think of anything else I should know whilst planning this trip don't hesitate to mention it! (Especially in the way of traveling affordably and lightly.)



  1. All your outfits look so gorgeous on you - what a beautiful hourglass shape!

  2. Good luck with the end-of-semester workload! I certainly feel your pain! Your outfits look adorable; I can't wait to see pictures from your and Emily's European escapades, I'm sure you all will look divine!
    Also, I feel I should reassure you about my Remix shoes... I got them on clearance at 75% off, which is the only reason I own a pair, hehe!

  3. What scares you about the UK? Maybe I can put your mind at ease somehow! It's mostly non-scary here, I promise!

  4. I love sweaters, too! I have so many SpaceBags filled with them! You'll definitely want sweaters, though. Do you have a raincoat?

  5. Why is traveling lightly so difficult? My goal is to someday be able to just throw everything in a carry-on and go. Like a war reporter or something. But I'm the person who took a bag, a train case and a garment bag (and a tote!) on a two-night trip to Dallas...

  6. Thanks all!
    The Kid In The Front Row: nothing about the Uk in particular is concerning, just traveling makes me a bit uneasy.
    Lauren: I have a gaberdine coat but I don't know that it'll do too well in constant rain (I have yet to try it out). Haha Im glad to know you've got the same problem. I really plan on doing it right this trip!