Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Days Are Here Again

"The sky above is clear again" and all that jazz.

Today has been such a very good day. It was my friend Jennifer's 20th so this morning my roommate/scad bff, Tara, and I showered her with cat-covered gifts and strolled down to the theater for a meeting.

I gave her these socks, on which I embroidered little cat faces.

and this card, I made:
Yes, I know, I totally copied this concept, bow and all and that is wrong and immoral and so on, but it was way too cute and perfect for Jennifer. Forgive me.

Afterwards we three got ice cream. It was super delicious and super over priced, but the cute guy working there made it worth it.
The place, Leopold's, is pretty neat inside, in fact I was attempting to take a picture of the patriotic flag lady when Tara decided she wanted to stick her big ol' head in the way and proceed to not move.

The gift Tara gave Jennifer is that scarf , which has tons of little cats on it!
We had a great time there and then wandered down the street to the Paris Market, which is basically like Anthropologie without the clothes or franchises. We were all gawking over the gorgeous home decor and complaining about being poor, though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who is actually poor (yay debt!) It was so, so very grand. After leaving empty handed they headed home and I wandered around neighboring squares realizing how little I experience in this city.

Savannah is a wonderful place filled with so many beautiful places and I am so happy to have been able to live her for a year, but I really feel disconnected with it. I guess that is in part because I am scared of getting lost so I try to not to go where I am unfamiliar, but I also noticed that I feel disconnected with everywhere I've lived. So I'm wondering, is it even possible to be able to "experience" a place, especially on one's own? I am sort of in doubt. I think being with people creates experiences and everything around just contributes to it, like the setting and whatnot, but I don't think that constitutes a "connection", per say. I wish I could say I felt at home and at ease everywhere I travel to, since I have been fortunate enough to travel so many places, but I cannot do that.

What do you all think? Do you feel like you really connect with the place you live? I hope some of you do, that would give me some hope :)

Anyway, other good stuff:
I found a dress to wear to the rehearsal dinner!
She decided to "photo-bomb" all of my pictures so I just let it happen. Sorry for looking weird. 
The dress is dark brown velvet and has a hole in the front but seems easy enough to mend. And the zipper does this annoying sticky-outy thing making my love handle on the left side look very prominent.... Any solutions for that?

I had a considerably good hair day yesterday. 
Im seriously considering dying this yellow dress to green/blue-green. I just really don't like the yellow on me and it's from Goodwill and modern and I've seen the exact same dress at a different Goodwill, so... I really wouldn't mind.

Speaking of yellow-ness: I got my "Woman in Yellow" perfume 3 days earlier than I expected!! It only took me 5 months to buy it again. I stupidly dropped my last bottle, losing all of its contents and Anthropologie stopped selling it in stores so I was disheartened about ever finding it again.

My room smells awesome, like Christmas time thanks to my apple cinnamon candle I mean... room fragrance... we have not candles and hot plate here...
It smells like the way this looks like it should smell.

 anddddd lastly, I cleaned up my room (finally!) which is why I'm a little less ashamed to show the photo of my pigsty.

All in all, I have wonderful life full of wonderful people and things and I am just so oddly content with everything, especially since I really should be panicking about midterms.

I hope all is equally well wherever you are,


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