Thursday, October 27, 2011

Auld Reekie, a Weekend Excursion.

I shouldn't be writing this right now... but I need to write something non-academic just to remind myself of the sensation of writing for fun!
A couple of weekends ago, a few friends and I took a train to Scotland for the weekend. We stayed in Edinburgh (apparently nicknamed "Auld Reekie"), in a hostel right smack in the middle of the city - New Town, that is. Old Town, the side that Edinburgh Castle is on, was so lovely and old-looking (shocker, I know) and was definitely my favorite part of the trip.
A scenic park/valley separating Old Town (to the right) and New Town (to the left). 
Point is, I really love the aesthetics of old European cities (more than "old" American cities... is that un-patriotic of me?), and am loving how easy and relatively cheap the public transportation system is here. Once Gracie joins me over here our shenanigans will be unstoppable! Granted, they involve rather tame plans like a day-visit to John Keats' house (drool/fangasm/faint - I am really looking forward to this, if you can't tell), perhaps a jaunt to the Emerald Isle, and who knows what else!
Anyway, I won't ramble on about it. Here are some pictures from Scotland, including me in my sartorial attempts to blend my vintage aesthetic with the functionality and practicality necessary for hostel-hopping with only a backpack in tow.
On the approximately 6 hour train ride over there. European trains are super nice. After hearing Gracie's (horror) stories of Amtrak, this was much appreciated. Me, to the left, and my friend/roommate Carolyn to the right. 

My friends Lian and Victoria on the train ride. 
A rather un-flattering and matronly take on the headscarf (perhaps made more so with the addition of an oversized carpet bag and my floppy trench coat), but a necessary one. It was so windy, and I needed my hairset to last all three days, since I didn't bring any hairstyling materials with me. I did a roller set the day before we left, then left the curls more ringlet-y, as opposed to brushing it out like I normally do, and it did work - my hair was still quite curly by the time we got back late Sunday night! The headscarf was essential to this though, since it was at times both humid and whippingly windy (is that a phrase? It is now). 
Victoria and I in the Royal Botanic Gardens - so pretty there! 
I removed the headscarf for pictures after realizing I didn't want to be perpetually commemorated in the stupid thing. Unrelated, but I realize that in almost all of the pictures I have of myself from that trip, I did the exact same turn-to-the-right-smile-awkwardly-and-reservedly pose every time! Sheesh. 
I discovered Robert Burns in the Scottish Writer's Museum, and I decided that he is my newest dead boyfriend. I could pretend that it is solely based off of an admiration for his poetry (as my undying love for Keats is) but let's be honest - Burns was freakin' hot!! Especially his statues - if they don't lie, then phowar, Mr. Burns was one finely formed fella. Seriously, look him up. He pulls off a cravat with knee-weakening aplomb.
An awkwardly worded review card at the pub we went to for dinner on Saturday, held by an amused Victoria.
The view of the city from Edinburgh Castle.
Victoria and I trying to put the moves on some poor unsuspecting Scottish lad. 
- Emily


  1. Edinburgh is fab isn't it? It has such a great vibe. I hope to go back soon to see the city underneath...the name of it escapes me now. Something like Prince Street? x

  2. I loved getting to look through your travel photos! Looks like you had a great time!

    As someone with naturally curly hair, I frequently rock the headscarf look. (It rains a lot in Kansas.) I figure, if it's good enough for Queen Elizabeth, it's good enough for me. Plus, it embarrasses the hell out of my mother when she visits. ;-)

  3. P.S. I love the concept of "dead boyfriends." I guess I have "dead extra-marital lovers" or something like that.

  4. Lauren: I'm glad to hear there are more headscarf-rockin ladies out there! LOL about your mother - my mom isn't exactly embarrassed, but she certainly chuckles at me and thinks its a bit strange!
    ahaha, I like your altered concept of "dead extra-marital lovers"!! Yes, dead boyfriends and the like are very useful to describe those males throughout history to whom we are especially attached!