Monday, October 24, 2011

Euphonic Earworms: Somebody Nobody Loves & I'm the Lonesomest Gal in Town

I love the video for "Somebody Nobody Loves". It's pretty simple, but cute (and telling of her situation).

These songs are my anthems, in essence.
Jam on, lonely girls.



  1. I hope you won't mind an old lady of 37 commenting! When it happens, it will just happen, and perhaps when you travel or get a job somewhere new or whatever, you will find you're in the place where you meet a chap who will appreciate you.

    Don't settle for second best - Mr Right Now is not Mr Right!

  2. I sign everything Mim said. Don´t hurry. When I first met my Mr. I was 22, and he´s my first Mr. ever. Before that I just couldn´t find someone I was really interested in and I didn´t want to force it. And even after I had met him it still took us nearly 6 months to become a couple because we were both to shy to take the next step. But we just celebrated our third anniversary the other day.
    What I´m trying to say is: good things take time. Go out, meet new people, have fun. I met my Mr. in a gymnasium, the last place on earth I would have expected him to wait for me ;)

  3. I'm sitting in the same - lonely - boat. The description you just gave us here about yourself fits me very well too. And being hit on by older men...Yep, happens to me too - REALLY old men I might add. I think they like vintage looking girls because it reminds them about their own youth...Or something like that...Anyways...Still waiting for Mr Right...Or any Mr at all!

  4. Thanks for the advice Katrin and Mim. I know patience is a virtue and all that jazz, it's just getting kind of old. And it's not like Im looking for a husband right now. But I feel the same about not wanting to force anything, so there's that. Thanks all the same.
    Oh and being 37 is NOT OLD, I just feel like a man who is over twice my age is chatting me up it's a little inappropriate/concerning/insulting.
    Haha Miss Meadows, it must be that we remind of their "glory days" or something, right?

  5. Hi!

    I am also 19 and have the same problem, so thank you for writing this post, it is quite comforting to know that there are more people in the world in the same position :)

    Your blog is lovely by the way, and i really enjoy reading it!