Monday, October 17, 2011

Soldier Blues - Five Days of Being Blue


This weekend was magnificent. I went to my moms (Again, I know. I need to stop) and did some baking and sewing and it was all grand. As a part of my weekend I went to my cousins school for a parade they held. He goes to a military college so it's mostly boys which I find sort of amazing and awesome (to a girl who goes to an art school, this is a big deal, at least) and hotdog! did they look good in their uniforms. I mean they look REALLY good. Forgive me, for sounding shallow and petty, but I am very frank about these things. Anyway, so the whole time I was just ogling the band members. I believe my favorite (a trumpet player, no less!) spotted me trying to take sneaky from-the-hip pictures...
Hunky band boys looking sharp in their wool dress coats and pants. Poor boys, it was quite toasty out that day.

I LOVE bagpipes. My cousin is going to be in the pipe band soon enough! I also really love that they wear kilts!

 Like many of the fellas, the campus is also really beautiful with some awesome architecture!

My purpose of this post was really meant to be about my outfits from the past few days which happen to all feature my favorite color!
Today's outfit.
Blouse from Emily (circa 1950s).
Skirt I made out of the prettiest color/softest fabric ever.
I call the color "soldier blue" because it's so similar to the military uniform color.
Please excuse the weird reflection on my skirt.

again, today... better light...

Sunday's outfit. The ONLY tee-shirt I ever wear, from Australia my dad when he was in the Navy.
Pants I made. Same fabric as the soldier blue skirt.
Black heels from Emily.
Saturday (aka parade day) outfit.
Blue blouse from Anthropologie. Coincidently, the blue of my shirt is almost the exact same as the Citadel's color.  Green felt skirt I made friday night.
Shoes from Emily for my birthday.

The closest I will be to having a pumpkin this year. My mum hates buying them, which makes me so very sad since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and fall my favorite season!

Friday outfit. Blouse from Em (same as today's).
Skirt from Goodwill.
Shoes from Etsy.
Okay, so I didn't wear blue Friday, but having blue eyes counts right?   
A beautiful fall sun set in Charleston that I could not seem to get a good picture of.
Thursday-sanding-and-priming-friendly outfit.
Blue blouse from Walmart.
Cream linen pants I made last year.
Tasseled Weejuns!!!
Ok, I lie, I did not wear these shoes for class, I didn't want to ruin them so I wore my blue Keds...
Something substantial will come your way soon. I hope...

- Gracie


  1. Weejuns! I haven't had a pair since elementary school. I loved them so much!

    Love the photo of you with the Charleston scenery. I'd love to get to visit Charleston and Savannah some time soon. We actually thought for a little while earlier this year that we were going to move to Savannah, but my husband got a different offer and we stayed here. Anyway, I did a lot of research and I'd like to put it to use!

    P.S. Love your pigtails!

  2. I got lucky and bought them during the labor day/75th anniversary sale last month! You might still be able to find some for cheap(-er... they'll never really be cheap.)

    If you ever come 'round these parts we must meet up! Both cities are awesome, though I am a bit bias towards Savannah... there are better trees here.
    and thanks, I felt like a child in them though.