Saturday, October 15, 2011

Art Feature: The Queenslander

Unlike like Emily, I do not put in too much effort to find out the artist of the illustrations I like. This is wrong of me, I know, but I'm lazy. That being said, all I know of these illustrated covers of The Queenslander is that many of them were done by either Esther Paterson, Garnet Agnew, Betty Paterson, Mcbain, and Lance Bressow. I found these wonderful images through  the State Library of Queensland, Australia on flickr. Please indulge in their glory.

She looks awfully mischievous to me.

Hahah I love this one. It perfectly expresses how I felt about school for most of my life.

Nice sub-caption, huh?
I really like the pin-up nature of this one.


p.s. I'll be bach. .. soon. probably.

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  1. "In the hands of ape men" Hahaha! Makes me curious about the article...