Monday, August 8, 2011

Euphonic Earworms: Loveable and Sweet, In the Middle of a Kiss

I was supposed to be packing yesterday, but did a single stitch of clothing get put in any bags? Nope. Not only was a being a dirty ol' procrastinator, but the weather was making me sleepy and dreamy - it was raining hard most of the day. So I cracked open a window (sacrificing my pincurls to humidity in order to better hear the wonderful sound of rain - which can be had anytime you want, for those of you in drier climates) and lazed around in bed, feeling happy with my comfy little setup and sad that I will be leaving it in just two days.

Anyway, the late-20s/early-30s continue to dominate my playlists, and here are two songs (of many) that played softly in the background all day yesterday. The first is by the adorable and dimple-cheeked Annette Hanshaw, and the second by Connee Boswell (of the Boswell Sisters). The two songs have completely opposite tones - one a light-hearted and gay (in the old-fashioned meaning of the word) celebration of love, and the other a wistful song of failed romance. 

"Loveable and Sweet" - Annette Hanshaw 

"In the Middle of a Kiss" - Connee Boswell
- Emily

P.S - Tomorrow TCM is playing Three on a Match (1932) at 9:45 pm! I highly recommend it, I saw it a few days ago on TCM's Forbidden Hollywood set, a collection of Pre-Code films, and I really loved it. 

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  1. Yay! Annette Hanshaw and Connee Boswell! I love listening to them while I wash dishes.