Thursday, August 25, 2011

Modern Desires: BHLDN

BHLDN is a company that sells some really gorgeous, and very fancy (aka expensive) things. I think I found them through Anthropologie's website, but I cannot be sure. Anyway, they are primarily a seller of wedding-esque items, but they also have lots of things that would be nice to have around the house/closet (neither of which I currently have....) also they make for some wonderful wish-list items for those of you with rich uncles and whatnot. I, however, have images saved to my computer for when I feel like looking at something pleasant and completely unattainable.

For now I will just post my very favorites of their clothing selection (I'll spare you from my picture collection of table and house decor). For a modern company I'd say they do a pretty damn good job of keeping things classy and beautiful.

Unabashedly Gloves 
Paris Flea Market Gloves
OK these are what I want more than anything else.
Seriously, buy these and give them to me and I will love you forever. Maybe. 

Deco Lace-Ups

Story Amor Mary Janes

De Gracia Platforms

Sangria Heels
Witha a chuncky-er heel, or maybe even a wedge, oohhhhh yeah, these babies would be mine (assuming that with an increase in heel width came a decrease in cost, that is.)
Dauphine Heels

Bow-Topped Bolero

Swing Step Hat
Scalloped Fingertip Veil
Beautiful veil over a slightly snarling model.

Trumpeted Pavot Gown

Trumpeted Pavot Gown,

Dappled Alabaster Sheath

Sway and Swirl Dress
They have this in a shade of purple that I looooove, but this model is prettier/looks less awkward.

I don't really like these outfits in particular, but I thought it was a nice picture so... yeah.
 I hope those of you who can keep yourselves from spending money you don't have (like me) can enjoy ogling these wondrous creations, and that those of you who can afford it make the world a little prettier by purchasing such things.

Lots of love and desperation,


  1. Whaaaaa.....those mary janes, those gowns. I swoon, I faint, I weep! :)

  2. The first pair of shoes are wonderful.

  3. I saw a few of these pieces in the Anthropologie catalog and fell in love. Unfortunately, my desires don't match my budget!