Monday, August 1, 2011

Amusing Annuals

Gather ‘round guys and gals, 

Today is the introduction of my 5 part series of yearbooks from grandma Ella. I figured going in chronological order would be the best so here is 1948 when Ella was in 6th grade and her future husband (my grandad, Jim) was a high school senior! Yes, he was seven years older than she, but dont get too creeped out, they didnt know they would be married yet. In fact I even took a picture of his high school girlfriend, Faye, for you folks. Almost every trip to my grandparents’ house since I was a kid I would look through these and my dad’s yearbooks for kicks. I hope these entertain you at least a fraction as much as they do me.
Neat cover, dontcha think?

That's my grandpa in the center (because you couldn't figure out he isn't the lady or cartoon...)

Howie there is quite the looker. And Ilda (?) looks like a pouty Shirley Temple

The twins, Faye and Maye. Jim only dated the one, though (so I'm told...)

The legendary Ollie Harper... I'll explain next time.

And little Ella! A precious sixth grader, I must say.

Ella's younger sister, Sybil

My great granddad's gas station is advertised in the back.

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  1. What fun! I always love looking through yearbooks, too! I'm always amazed at how grown-up high school seniors looked in the 40s.

  2. I know! I still dont look grown up and Im well out of high school.

  3. Ha! Me neither! I had a UPS guy ask me why I wasn't in school (and he meant high school). I'm 25!