Monday, August 15, 2011

Transportation Temptations: Cars

The reason I have never bought my own car: I have never found one I loved. I don't believe in paying great sums of money for something you do not like, thus I have yet to purchase a car. The only time I have come even a little bit close was the winter of my senior year in high school. She was a 1969 black mercedes. A real beauty. But I was a fool and got too scared she would die on me or be violated in my school parking lot, so I didn't buy her. I'll never forgive myself, especially since she was in such good condition and such a reasonable price. I'm still on the hunt for another car to love, but ones with working parts are hard to come by on my budget. For now I'll have to satisfy my desire through these photos of glorious people and their glorious rides. And a bit of propaganda... 

Keep on truckin,



  1. I know what you mean about not finding a car to really love. However, I've always lived somewhere where a car is a necessity, so I have to have one whether I like it or not! Someday I'll have that 1938 Packard Touring Sedan...

  2. Yeah Ive been pretty lucky about finding other ways of getting around but I was very close to having to succumb to buying a cheap little car at one point. One day I will definitely have a nice car, but I doubt it will be any time soon. and those cars are gorgeous, I hope you do get one!