Sunday, August 21, 2011

It (1927)

Hi hi hi!

The past few days have been fantastically busy with the reuniting of The Cats and the Berries. Literally. Well, not literally, for as much as I call her a kitten, CJ is still a dog, but we have had lots of berries lately.  Anyway, the cats and berries to which I refer are myself and Emily, respectively. Last Wednesday was the first time we had seen each other in four and a half months! As you can imagine, we have been a bit too thrilled about getting to watch movies together, eat together, see other friends, shop, swim, and sing like there is no tomorrow to think about posting stuff. To make myself feel a little bit better I decided I ought to share with you my new found love of "It". I honestly think it is one of the most enjoyable things I have watch recently (not that I haven't enjoyed the other films I've seen as of late). I thank Netflix for recently adding a ton of silent films I've been dying to see (mostly Mr. Keaton's work) to instant watch! It worked out quite well that I discovered this the other night after dear Emily got violently ill and I was forbidden from her bed (which normally we share ... not in a weird way, mind you).  So I ended up alone in the guest room with no chatter nor ludicrous stories to entertain me and I took full advantage of finally having a bedroom with internet. Of course Netflix was where I went first because I abuse it like a crack whore abuses... well, crack, I expect. Anyway I ADORED "It", and Clara Bow, despite her horrendous hair do's in this film (no offense if you like them, I just find them odd and unflattering). Oh and super-mega-hot-man Antonio Moreno, who plays her love interest. I mean this man is my type (physically), plain and simple. Even though he has a mustache, I can overlook that. Very, very easily. I hope if you haven't seen this film and hope to that you do soon, and if you have seen it I hope you liked it as much as I.

Just so you know what "it" is.




Needless to say, she is adorable.

See Clara and co. know what's up in terms of Mr. Moreno.

The Plotting Face.
I wish mine looked like this rather than the contorted mess it is when I plot.

Cute beanie thing with cherries (or grapes?) hanging on.

A real nifty lady.

Making the eyes at Clara

Making the eyes right back. Smart girl.

A particularly odd hair do and outfit combo... I never have been too fond of turtlenecks, though.

For the record this is the best date idea. Ever.
Unless you are not currently living prior to 1960. 

I spotted Gary Cooper in this seen and flipped a shit. I love him sosososo much.

The End.
Wasn't it fantastic?
Oh you didn't really get the full effect from my crappy screen shots and excessive captions? That's okay. Watch it on Netflix, if you can. It's worth it.
For the record I had to stop myself from many a pun in this post. You're welcome.



  1. I agree...weird Clara hair--yet, it WORKS when she's wearing the hats, the bandeau, etc.

  2. I totally love this movie! I didn't know it was on Netflix Instant. Woohoo!

    Yeah, I present a song title regarding Clara's hair in this one: "You Can Leave Your Hat On."

  3. Yes, the hats cover up the poof thing well enough. And that song title is completely fitting!