Friday, August 12, 2011

Vicksburg, Mississippi

And on our way back we saw a rainbow.
Last weekend my pop and I went to the town of Vicksburg, which lies on the coast of the Mississippi River. Its a nice little town from what I could tell but it was far too hot to get out of the car for anything but the visitors center and a few structures at Battlefield Park. The park is a convenient little outdoor tribute to the American Civil War. Actually it is sort of huge. And because it is so large and outdoors the brilliant creators decided to make it sort of a driving museum (though, I guess technically it's not a museum). Anyway, it was very interesting and I really really enjoyed it. Please excuse the complete crap-ness of some of these photos; I discovered too late that my father cannot properly operate a camera.


  1. Wow! AMAZINGNESS! The rainbow is glorious!

  2. My husband's best friend was our wedding witness and he couldn't operate a camera either--thus, no wedding photos!

    I've never been to Mississippi, but Vicksburg looks kinda cute. Is that amazing temple-thing part of the battlefield park?

  3. Thanks!
    Oh no Lauren thats horrible about your wedding! I'm so sorry! Mississippi is actually really great, most people just don't give it a chance. There is a lot of history here and a lot of beautiful things that I think people should see. And yes the dome is part of the park. I could have sworn I had put captions for most of the pictures, but evidently not... Sorry!