Saturday, July 30, 2011

Euphonic Earworms: Blues in the Night

Gee here, finally doing a post in this series! This is probably my number one car song at the moment, really great for singing along with and listening to over and over again (for me, at least) for my daily half-hour commute into town. It's not the most soulful/deep of blues songs, but I enjoy it and I like the lyrics, even though they're a bit... negative.

I love original blues in general, and am attempting to visit some of the many blues museums in this here state. I actually went to one today, but alas it was not open on weekends - which is not logical to me at all, but hey, who am I to say when they should be open?... okay, I'm a potential customer, so I should have some say, but that's not the point. Anyway, I hope you can see some merit in this post, despite the not-so-appropriate image accompanying this song (it was the only good-quality version I could find).

Dinah Shore in 1942.

- Gee