Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Artist Feature: Harrison Fisher

Born in New York in 1877, Harrison Fisher worked from the turn of the century until his death in 1934. And that's pretty much all I know about him. I'm not too interested in doing a bunch of research, I'm content to just admire his illustrations. Here are a few favorites:
"The Evening Hour" - I'm pretty sure this is my favorite of all. The best part? This was done for Cosmopolitan. Now I know this would never happen today, but come on, isn't this so much better than the stock photos of pretty but forgettable-looking people straddling each other in their underwear (Cosmo's illustration of choice nowadays)? This illustration leaves more to the imagination, but I wouldn't say it's prudishly subtle - I mean, with that image, and that caption, you get the idea. But its lovely to look at at the same time!

I just love this - I can't settle on what adjective describes it best, it can be two totally different things, depending on how you look at it. Romantic or humorous? Dark or whimsical? Beautiful or beautiful? 

"Behave!" Another favorite, especially with the title in consideration.  
"Brock". Mhmm. Despite his unsuitable name - Brock brings to mind a 90s high school jock - this fella is  quite dashing, and makes a monocle look hot. 


"By Right of Conquest". Um. Ditto what I said for the first picture. Whoever says people back in the day were too demure to reference this sort of thing, direct them to Exhibit A: Harrison Fisher illustrations for Cosmopolitan.   

"A Midsummer Reverie" This guy rocked at titles.

Ignore the stupid watermark. You can still see that its pretty!

I think his portraits of couples are the best. They are just the most dramatic and romantic and wonderful things. 

- Emily

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  1. Sigh...such beauties. I have always loved Fischer girls. Fantastic!