Wednesday, June 15, 2011

If You Say, "I'm Just Too Thin!" - McCall's, 1934-35

More from the archives, an article from McCall's in 1934-35 (I'm almost positive, it was with a bunch of other images from these years) that is a favorite of mine. Besides the funnyness factor in the somewhat contrived storyline and the obvious pattern promotion (hey, it was a McCall's magazine, it makes sense), this peek into the past is especially interesting considering the current societal debates on body ideals. It's crazy when you consider that the girl, shown in the "Before Makeover" picture, wouldn't pass modern designers' standards, and they would most likely require her to lose more weight before hiring her. But I won't go into a "modern beauty standards" rant, its all been said....

Anyway, the "After" picture is lovely (but I don't think the "Before" is that terrible), I do love her dress and hat and gloves... okay, everything. I've enlarged both the "Before" picture and the "After" picture for easier viewing.
By the way, I realize that I didn't photograph the rest of the article, but if I remember correctly, it ended quite soon on the new page anyway, so you aren't missing too much.

Click to enlarge and read the article!

Before clothing makeover. That hat is a little awkward and elongating with that outfit, but for goodness sakes, there's nothing that should make her go "When I look in the mirror, I could die of mortification - I'm so thin!"

- Emily

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