Monday, June 20, 2011

McCall's, 1936 - 1937 (October-March)

Still more archive images! Mostly clothing illustrations, but this time there's also an advertisement and beauty article. These were from the fall/winter, as you can tell from the clothing, so these will be more appropriate outfit inspirations for those in the southern hemisphere - but for the rest of us, it's still nice to look!
This is the ad, but I can't remember what it was advertising. I just really liked her hair.
The wonderful and adorable Eleanor Powell, and (supposedly - ha!) her beauty routine.  I like the title to the article - as if there is ever a week without your face..?

Yummy scrumboes! All of these are wonderful. I think its interesting to note the caption for this page - "Shorter and Very Flared" shows that already in 1936-1937 the shift to the more 40s silhouette had begun. 
The black dress! The green dress! The brown! Oh my!
I'm pining for that inset lace/eyelet green dress. 
And the colors in this one are fantastic!
Um, yes please, I would like something new for college if it looks like this! I just love that this was promoted as a college ensemble. At my university the average uniform is sweatpants and a t-shirt in the winter plus a Northface fleece, or Nike shorts and a t-shirt/tank top in the summer, and jogging shoes/flip flops.
- Emily
P.S - I know I've been posting quite a lot lately, sometimes twice a day, but just so you don't get the wrong idea, I do indeed have a life! It's just there's often a lot of downtime at my internship between assignments, so I usually end up reading the new posts from other bloggers on my dashboard, and when I run out of those, assembling new posts of my own! And if you missed Gracie's most recent post, she is somewhat stranded in the middle of the forest without internet, and she's got to drive 45 minutes to get it, so that is why she posts less often. She should be around internet more often once her internship starts though!


  1. Lovely illustrations! The sorority girls were always the worst-dressed at my school, which seemed odd to me. I thought they were supposed to be obsessed with stuff like that. Most of the time they went around in those sweatpants with the words on the ass. Not like I was a fashion plate, but I could manage a pair of jeans.

  2. Yes, the same at my school! Well, the words on the ass pants werent as popular anymore, but the sorority group seemed to be the source for the popularity of the sweatpant uniform. I did begin to appreciate people who wore jeans.