Thursday, June 30, 2011

Transportation Temptations: Bicycles

Recently I realized there are some common themes among the photos I collect from the internet. One of the most common subject matters within these photos are of people, famous or not, with gorgeous wheeled transportation. Because I have over 60 photos I would like to share, I decided that it would be better to split them up by vehicle type. So today I am sharing one of my favorite, albeit least frequently used, modes of transit: bicycles. At my school almost everybody rides or at least has a bike around. I do not. I love bikes and bike riding but I value my life far to much to put my self in such a vulnerable position in city traffic, for I am not a biker, I am but a person who can manage to ride a bike without falling every time. Does that make sense? It's the same a swimming, I think. I am not a swimmer, but I know how to swim. So that's my excuse for not riding. Truthfully though I am also kind of lazy and dislike exerting energy in hot weather.

Back to the point; bikes are purty. Especially old styled bikes, so that is what you're gonna get. I hope you enjoy these, too.
Middy, Ana and a mate with either a bike stolen from a child or a very, very early trick bike. If it is the latter than my g-ma was was more badass than I had thought. That also would explain my former desire to do X-Games-esque sports. 

Buster Keaton and some chick in my spot on his bike. 

 Horray for tandem Bikes!

Ginger Rogers

Bikes AND loafers. Good stuff, no?

Clearly a good way to transport infants.

Ginger again

Again, babies on bikes, is that the best decision?

Okay, not an old photo, but a hella awesome bike!

- Gee

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  1. I love bicycles, but I'm not the best rider ever. Of course, I didn't learn until I was 21! Love all the photos! Think how fun it would be if more people considered bicycles to be serious forms of transportation. I'm a little afraid to ride mine where I live because there are so many absent-minded drivers.