Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vogue, Mid-Late 30s

Here are some more images from my school’s archives of old magazines. Again, sorry for the weird quality of a photographed page instead of a scanned page. I’ve got a lot more to upload, but I want to space out the hundred or so images over a few posts so as not to hit you with a photo overload. This set is all from Vogue – in my eagerness start looking through the books and photographing them, I forgot to mark down the exact issues I was flipping through! But I remember the Vogue I grabbed (I took one Vogue and three McCall’s, and within each book there are anywhere from two to five issues bound together, depending on how thick they are) was from the mid-late 30s, so there’s a point of reference for you.
I'm just nuts about this one. I love the repetition of scalloping and the overall styling of the suit. 

A cute advertisement.

Another advertisement. This time for comfy heels that will help your feet last all day at the fair. 

Cute and casual shoes! My favorites are the red & white floral patterned ones, the lower right corner ones, and the middle green and white ones to the right! I wish Keds still made 'em like this...

A Schiaparelli ad for girdles, with a glamorously dressed lady. I like the ruched top. 

A towel ad - I don't really think of towels much, but these are in a great nautical spirit. Her swimsuit is interesting, the puckered fabric reminds me of the fabric of these shirts that were really popular when I was in 3rd grade - my mom wouldn't get me one, but my best friend at the time had a few and she would lend me one, and I would entertain myself during lessons by poking the domes in and out.

A slightly disturbing but mostly hilarious image accompanying a short article in Vogue.  I added a larger version of the text at the bottom to make it easier to read. It seems Vogue's history of promoting ridiculous and extreme beauty treatments goes back farther than I thought! Can you imagine sleeping in this... or some poor husband forgetting his wife was wearing this and waking up and seeing this next to him in the middle of the night! How terrifying that would be! It really does look a bit horror movie-esque. 

An ad with some really gorgeous gloves. I enlarged the section with the pictured gloves to make it easier to see the details.

A page that was showing some current trends and/or pieces they approved of. My favorite is the "smoking-glove" (enlarged to the right) - cute, functional (if you smoke), and little humorous! 
- Emily


  1. I'll take those beach clogs and Kedettes, please! Smoking gloves!! Crazy--actually, a few years earlier, Chesterton or some other ciggy brand had come out with a glove that had a snap pocket/pouch in which to put the whole pack of cigarettes. far we've come since then, eh?

  2. Hah, indeed! That doesn't sound like a very dainty glove... I'm googling this to figure out how they made that work!
    - Emily