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Ziegfeld Girl (1941)

I haven't got much time to lurk around the blogoverse over the next few days as I've got my final coming up and need to get crackin' on my final project. But, here's a photo-heavy post (seriously... a lot of photos) with some camera-taken captures of Ziegfeld Girl, from 1941.
I watched this movie months ago, and I love it. It's absolutely in my Top 5 Favorite Movies. It has a great, talented, super-beautiful-even-for-Hollywood cast (Lana Turner, Judy Garland, Jimmy Stewart, Hedy Lamarr, to name the most famous faces), and the story is fast paced and busy, following the lives of three women who become Ziegfeld Girls, played by Turner, Garland, and Lamarr. Lana Turner's character gets the most screen time, but Judy's story is also pretty well detailed. During a pep talk before all three girls' debut in a Ziegfeld show, they are told that there are many fates of a Ziegfeld Girl. I can't remember exactly what was said, but the jist was: some will make good and become a huge success; some will find they'd rather sacrifice the theatre and success for love; and some will let their fame go to their head and quickly burn out. As it turns out, each girl plays out one of these three scenarios.
Though it was meant to be set in the 1920s, the costuming was totally inaccurate, but it didn't bother me since it was still full of beautiful styles appropriate to 1941. Click on the images to enlarge... Enjoy!
Jimmy Stewart, my favorite actor, and Lana Turner, looking dramatic. 

This was her uniform when she worked as an elevator girl. How pretty is that?
Hedy Lamarr.

Gah, wonderful hair. I love the casual but still glamourous thick curls look. 

Lovely silk bed coverings. I like the little "Bonne Nuit!" embroidery. 
Of course. This is what she looks like, fresh out of bed in the morning. Hair pretty much still perfect. Makeup definitely on and perfect. I loved her gown/dressing robe, though! I tried to get some more shots of it (below)...
Jimmy Stewart (playing her boyfriend) confronts her about what a shallow and vain person she's become.

This movie is what made me think Lana Turner is gorgeous. I don't really like her as a person, but I do think she's beautiful and a solid actress. I love her hair here, once my bangs grow out I really want to try a half wave like that.
Jimmy, after a tussle/fistfight with a guy who bad-mouthed Lana.  
The robe was sheer, and flow-y... so lovely.
Another shot of the robe.
Lana showing Jimmy her shoe collection, describing what is so great about her life - she also shows him many closet-fulls of dresses, and says how great it is to be rich enough that she can wear a fancy gown once and then throw it away. Jimmy doesn't like this, obviously. But boy, what I would pay for the shoe collection shown here, all in my size, in perfect condition... le sigh!
Judy singing "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows", the non-vaudeville way. Great hair!
Lana and some of the other showgirls. All with great hair, nice playsuits/casual rehearsal wear. 
A slightly over-the-top hairstyle and hair piece that I just love! Here Lana indulges again in her new vices, alcohol and overt vanity.  
Judy tries to talk sense into her, but she's not hearing it.
Taking a glamorous bath... somehow her curled bang doesn't droop, but that's the magic of movies, right?

Jimmy's turned bitter and joined up with a no-good gang. I'm pretty sure the gang he was with sold illicit alcohol. 

In a Ziegfeld show. This scene was great, had tons of gorgeous, lavish, ridiculously extravagant outfits.

Jackie Cooper and Judy. He's got some serious finger waves going on, and I like it! And look at his cute little bow-tie...
This is what Lana is supposed to look like when she's hit "rock bottom". Pretty much the only difference between Successful Lana and Failed Lana is her hair is noticeably droopy. Humidity only affects her hair when she's not rich. 

Extremely sick and bed-ridden Lana. Still with a perfect face (though less noticeable makeup, still wearing some).
Judy in a Ziegfeld show, performing "You Gotta Pull Strings", the final number.

A great hairdo Lana wore in a scene at a restaurant.
And now some pictures that aren't mine - sourced from Google images:
The three lead actresses on set.
Hedy in one of the Ziegfeld costumes.
Garland, Lamarr, and Turner. Publicity photo. Judy and Lana have great hair!
From the bathtub scene.
Garland and Turner, publicity photo.
Turner in a Ziegfeld costume.
- Emily

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  1. This just went on my Netflix queue. I need to see it--just love Hedy Lamarr. I just watched Algiers last week and I frequently fast-forward to the George Sanders bits in The Strange Woman.