Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stars That Were Dads

In honor of Father's Day, here are some pictures of handsome leading men that were also dads.

Gene Kelly with wife Betsy Blair and their daughter.
Dick Powell and (third) wife June Allyson with their kids. 
Buster Keaton with sons.

Buster again with wife Natalie Talmadge and sons.

Jimmy Stewart with wife Gloria and children.
Gregory Peck and his son (who is holding a gun... pointed at his dad's throat..?) 
Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis with their children. 
Fred Astaire with his son. I love that they are dancing together. 
Tyrone Power and his daughters.
Robert Walker and Jennifer Jones with their kids.
- Emily


  1. What a lovely bunch of photographs and a great idea for father's day!
    Love that first picture of Buster Keaton and Fred Astaire and his son are priceless!