Thursday, June 23, 2011

State Fair (1945)

Gracie here (finally)! I rented State Fair (1945) from Netflix a few weeks ago not expecting a whole lot since I added it to my queue on a whim, but I ended up really enjoying it! Though I could have done without the oddly prolonged hog-love subplot. Here are some shots I got of it with my camera since Macs don't allow screenshots for DVDs.

If you're wondering, she's not punching him in the face. I just liked her top a lot. 
All of the peasant tops in this film just made me love them more. 

I just love this bow neckline! With bow fabric. On a carousel. What a perfect combination! 

- Gracie


  1. This looks amazing! Definitely have to watch it.

  2. Try getting VLC media player. I have a Mac, too, and if I play a DVD through VLC, I can get a screen cap. I've actually never seen this movie--now Netflix will have to send it to me!

  3. It was cute, though definitely kind of cheesy, but I like that sometimes. A VLC player sounds like just the thing I need, thanks for the tip!