Monday, June 13, 2011

More Vogue in the Mid-Late 30s

Here's more from the fashion magazine archives. This set is also all from Vogue, circa the mid-late 1930s. Click on the images to get the highest resolution.
Enjoy the loveliness!
Oh, the prettiness. I adore both of these. I had to make this smaller so it wouldn't be overlapping with the sidebar...
Look at that second the the right one! Isn't that such an interesting shape? 

*Drool*... the black and white ones on the nearest pair of feet.

Dramatic, feminine, and full of little details... of course I love this one!

Ditto! And isn't that cape marvelous?!

Oh, ye knitted ensembles, how I love thee...

Knitted two piece suit! Pom-poms!! A capelet!!! This is just too much...

What a scene! This really makes me want to throw a (30s style mandatory) picnic on a sunny day!

Feminine and whimsical... oh yes!

Aren't those edges around the buttons just grand?

- Emily


  1. oohhhh, swoon!!! too much loveliness and innovative design to take in!!! gahhhhh!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! These photos are fabulous!

  3. Thanks for the comment! I've got tons more to upload so there will be more to come...

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