Saturday, June 18, 2011

Recently Acquired

I really love seeing original content on other people's blogs - you know, outfit posts, hair posts, thrifting finds, or just random photos other bloggers have taken. I'd like to have more of this original content in my posts, but I am recently having camera issues, and (not so recently) photogenic issues. The former means that my Nikon D90 is acting up and is completely unreliable, the latter that I simply don't seem to photograph well. Add to this the lack of a self-timer or camera stand (I've tried finding places around the apartment I'm subletting to set it, but there really isn't a very good spot), and outfit posts especially become difficult. Ah well, they will happen eventually.
Anywho, in an attempt to post some me-made pictures, here are some recent finds. The brooches are all from a vintage fair that happens every Sunday in Boston, and the shoes/galoshes are all from different places.
As you can see, I have several pairs of vintage slippers and vintage galoshes - but no regular vintage heels (besides the first shown, which are a wee bit tight and fragile)! And this is not for a lack of trying. I'm starting to wonder if all the size 8 foot-ed women of the 30s and 40s only saved their non-everyday shoes.
Hope you are all enjoying the start to your weekend!
A gramophone. I've gotten a lot of wear out of this one so far. 

A little poodle!
I just love this one! The best detail is that the dog's eyes actually roll around when you move, they're those bobble eye sorts you can get at craft stores!

A grape vine (the purple of the beads have faded). I don't know if this is very vintage, but I still like it. The grapes swing around when you move. 
These don't really qualify as new, since I got them last fall, but I wanted to show them as they are my only pair of truly vintage everyday shoes. They're late-late-30s or early 40s, I got them at an estate sale for $5!!! Sorry for the horrible picture quality, this is what I meant about my camera being weird. The shoes are actually a medium navy blue, although they look sort of black here.
I just got these galoshes in the mail a few days ago from Junque Gypsy on Etsy! They're deadstock from a department store that closed in the 40s. 
Also not exactly new, but I brought these with me to Boston. They were my first pair of galoshes, and they started my galoshes obsession! From Tiddley Wink Vintage on Etsy. 
My second pair of Daniel Green slippers, oh how I love them! I got these a few weeks ago at Bobby From Boston. My other pair is at home in Atlanta.
Wearing the Daniel Greens. 
- Emily


  1. Those heels are so delightful and I like all the brooches!!

  2. The Daniel Greens are incredible, your feet look so lovely in them!
    I also love your first pair of galoshes, something like that, with the lovely little contrasting "lapels", has been on my list for ages.

    I have a terribly hard time finding vintage shoes, finding something attractive and authentic to fit my size 9 trotters seems impossible.

    Oh yes, and I love that gramophone! I don't lame you for wearing it a lot, it so sweet!

  3. Thanks Hep Kitten!
    And thank you Ginger! I know what you mean about that list, I've got a looong vintage list of things I've always got my eyes peeled for. And yes, the vintage shoe situation for non-wee footed girls make me heave a weary sigh...

  4. Fun stuff! I think shoes are always a bit of a problem. I wear a 6 1/2 and all the shoes I seem to come across are a size 5! Someone must be hoarding them!

  5. Hmm, thats a theory - some horribly selfish vintage hoarder is out there gobbling up every shoe above size 6! :D
    But really, I swear I see a lot of 6.5s out there! At least more than 8, thats for sure. Ah well, victory will be all the more sweet once I FINALLY find a pair!

  6. Holy hell you've got some amazing vintage shoes there love! You're so lucky and you're wearing them with such pride in their beauty and grace:)). The brooches are beautiful, love the googly-eyed dog and the grapes - brooches are so addictive aren't they? xo

  7. Oh thank you!! Yes, brooches are very addictive, but thankfully they can be found on the cheap! Otherwise I would have to scale back this addiction..

  8. mmmm, love those galoshes and Daniel Greens! It's taken me a while, but I do have a little hoard of 30s and 40s shoes in size 8 in my personal collection. Only one pair is mid-30s. The fact is that I don't think size 8 was nearly as common a shoe size in the 30s as it is now (likewise, men's hat sizes were generally a lot smaller). Then, on top of that, I do know that the movie industry tends to snap up and hoard a lot of top vintage finds, including shoes, so wouldn't be surprised if that's why there are fewer pairs in circulation. As I said, though, they DO exist. Just have to be at the right place & right time to find 'em and/or you have to be persistent in your search. xo

  9. You do have the most enviable shoe collection! (and dress... and suits... ok, pretty much all bodily adornments!) Yeah, I've actually wondered about the movie-industry thing, as I wondered where they got clothing for period films (as surely not all of it is made by the movie's costumer). I know persistence and a bit of luck will be the key to finding some more shoes (and vintage in general), some day!