Sunday, September 25, 2011

About That Rain...

So, you know how I said how much I looooooove rain? Okay well maybe I exaggerated... Like a whole lot. Don't get me wrong, I really do enjoy a good downpour, however I overlooked one teeny-tiny aspect... MY STUFF IS NOT WATER PROOF. Oh and those "super awesome" galoshes I was bragging about? Yeah, they don't do shit in the type of rain I just encountered. And now my suede 30s heels are soaked. As are all of the clothes I was wearing. Also I forgot how scared of lightening I am... Yeah. So, rain is great and all but from now on I'm going to try to only appreciate it from a dry place unless I happen to be wearing water-safe clothes/swimwear.

So that's my little unnecessary update plus the few pictures I completely forgot to add last time.

I could have benefited from an outfit like this, today....

In other news, today a dead man was found in the river near my building. Cool, huh?



  1. Your day sounds ghastly! Soaked suede and a dead body?! Eeek. I hope none of your clothes were ruined! Sounds like you need some serious rain gear.

  2. It wasn't too terrible, I was just very, very upset about my shoes and having to be seen in my soaking white blouse (yeah Im dumb) by a bunch of kids on my way home... It was very awkward. My clothes seem okay, but the shoes are still damp. And my purse smells like death. But other than that it's all good. I fully intend to get prepared for the future, though!

  3. Oh nooooo! your galoshes malfunctioned? :( Wet vintage sucks

  4. Can't believe the news about the dead man!!

    This is a cool post with lovely pictures!

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    x Aliya

  5. Yes, sadly they did, Jill! But I think the shoes will be okay (oh how I hope I'm right!).

    Hahah yeah, the dead guy... I still haven't been informed about what happened with that.