Thursday, September 29, 2011

Modern Desires: Favorite Colors

What do I want more than anything else when I shop? Colors that I love. Not just my "season" or whatever, but colors I like to surround myself with in all aspects of my life. My absolute favorite hue has pretty much always been blue, though the particular shade/tone/tint has changed with my growth. I also am very fond of most shades of green and purple, certain yellows and pinks, & deep reds. And, of course, I love ivory, black and warm browns. Interestingly enough, other than on my hair, it's very rare that I find orange appealing (flowers don't count, cos all flowers are prettyyyy.)

 So no, "Favorite Colors" is not the name of a designer or retailer, sorry if that was confusing.
Anyway, whilst internet shopping for a dress to wear to a wedding, I got side tracked (as usual) with the desire to buy a coat, despite the fact that it is a cool 78 degrees Fahrenheit (no joke, this is cool weather) right now. After having absolutely no luck on Etsy, I decided (stupidly) to check out Anthropologie's selection. PHRWOAR. I should not have done this to myself. 
Honestly, there are not a whole lot of their clothes that I love, but every so often I manage to find something. I hate them for that.

On that note I would like to state the this coat WILL BE MINE. No matter how much my pocketbook/students loans protest.  I just think, though it is not an entirely vintage style, it is really gorgeous and potentially very nice looking on  little ol' redheaded me. And I know I do not often wear hues other than cools, neutrals and occasionally red/pink, I think this coat would go along quite well with most of my wardrobe. But I don't know... Maybe there is some obvious flaw I'm missing here, due to my infatuation. Other than the price. What do you think I should do? Do I buy it or not?
Ruched Marigold Coat
 I have one pair of oxfords and I LOVE them. I wear them a lot lately since it's awkward wearing super pretty/fancy shoes to walk all over town and get my hands (and clothes and face) dirty in class. And honestly, I do not want any other pair, but I really like the blue toe and edging on these oxfords from Anthropologie. I have a thing for blue shoes (though I only have one pair, which I never wear because the heels are about 5" tall and very uncomfortable) and this is my favorite shade of blue, so I felt obligated to share them. Plus, they're just down right cute.
Moorland Oxfords
This is a very modern looking top to me, but I like the colors, collar and concept very much. I think if the birds were a bit less large and bright I would like it more. I imagine this blouse would look awfully cute tucked into a nice 30s style skirt. Maybe I'm wrong, though. It's happened before.
Adelie Blouse
Fouettes Bolero.
I love boleros... too much.

Other pretty things/color inspiration sources:
Love paper wheels, and have some in green, purple and gold. I kinda wish I could switch the green on my paper into gold, so they could look more lovely like these.
Okay, yes I do love the colors of this shot, but I also just really love Judy Garland and Easter Parade in general.
Here are some specific palettes I created form this image on the Kuler website, which I learned about when I took color theory.

Adorable shoes formerly sold at Anthropologie.

I love this film, but more on that later.

Oh and I will do the tutorial post I mentioned either tonight or tomorrow. Yesterday was the second time in several months I didn't curl my hair... now it's a frizzy mess, but I'll be getting lead paint dust in it so I'll have to wash it later today anyhow.

Ta-ta for now,


  1. oh, oh....great taste, lady!! I love boleros and mustard and pan collars too...Swoon!

  2. You've found some gorgeous items! Now I'm really going to have to stop by Anthropologie when we're in Dallas next month!

    Be safe around all that lead paint!