Saturday, September 24, 2011

Millions Like Us (1943)

Currently, I am taking a preservation technology course at school. This class is, essentially, free manual labor on the house we are working on the restoration for. Not that I am complaining, believe me, it is totally awesome. However, because I dress kind of fancy I draw a lot of unwanted attention, especially in this class. For instance the first day of actual work I wore a skirt and heels (ok yes I wore a blouse too, but that is nothing special)... and let me just say that was awkward. It's not even that I feel physically uncomfortable in that sort of attire (I have gotten so used to it that it really makes no difference from trousers and flats,) but everyone kept looking at me like "Did she not get the memo that this is a messy class?" So, the next class I played down my fancy and wore some cream linen slacks I made a couple of springs ago, a button up from goodwill, my (too) well worn oxfords and my hair UNCURLED (not that it made much of a difference to anyone else since I have naturally curly/wavy hair.) I still was questioned about my apparel, but the interactions were a bit more amicable. 

The reason I feel the need to share all of this is because in my quest to put together good labor-wise outfits I remembered I had taken tons of screen shots of "Millions Like Us" for the lovely attire these factory girls wore. Upon reexamination I realized most of the shots were of Patricia Roc's or Anne Crawford's glorious hair styles, which I sadly will never be able to accomplish since my hair is not naturally silky-smooth and will never be such. There are also several shots of out-of-factory outfits. Clearly the reason I am doing this post is not at all about the quality of the film (sorry if you came here for a review) and all about the quality of the styling. I adore all of these looks. I just cannot help it. These women look so incredibly pretty whilst slaving away in a factory (ok on a movie set made to look like a factory, but same thing, right?) and in their down time, despite the limited supply. I guess my point is this; if any of you lot have trouble thinking up outfit/style ideas for when you have to do dirty tasks or feel like being less posh just take a gander at these. Hopefully they will induce some sort of inspiration and you'll be able to put something together!

Patricia Roc being gloomy with such a very pretty hair style.

Side note: Miss Roc is supposed to be the plain girl in this movie, but I cannot figure out how anyone thought she could pass for anything less than stunning. Also, I love her coat.

This is the first time I have ever seen a lady look sloppy in a film... undone hair and apparently no ... erm... figure support...

I love the quilted robe Anne Crawford wears in this scene.

I really like that she has pin-up men. It makes me feel less weird about (formerly) having an *Nsync poster in my room. Because those two things are comparable...

So, I like turbans.

Fine, I  really like turbans.

Okay! I love turbans. Jeeze. 

Damn her beautiful locks ('cept for her weird highlight thing.).

I realllllllllllly like this dress.

You never get to see any detail of this dress, but I love the silhouette.

Lovely snood and turban styles.

This is her looking sloppy. In my dreams would I look this good when not trying.  
I have to admit, despite how bad they look on me, I love identical blouse-cardigan combinations.

Oh this hair style makes me cringe with jealousy.
And the top of her dress is also entirely adorable.
Alrighty, That's all I've got for you tonight.
Be safe and wear a face mask.
x Gracie


  1. They all look breathtaking...I'm currently working as a HR employee in a factory and sadly all the factory girls are nothing like those girls! I wish it were different! I myself feel sometimes weird when I dress up, even for sitting at a desk...

  2. Excellent stuff. Have you seen Waterloo Road?

  3. I wish it were different, too. Glad you enjoyed it!
    And no I have not, is it good?

  4. I watched this just a few weeks ago and cried and cried! I love the styling, though. I wish I looked half as glamorous every day as these ladies look in factory-work clothes...

    Sorry people totally suck and can't handle anyone even remotely "different." Every time I go to a party and people ask me about my interests, most of them act like I'm a total mental case! You should totally get a jumpsuit with "Gracie" embroidered on the chest and across the back and rock some color-coordinated turbans. :-)

  5. I always hate me not to be able to do my hair like this!!!! Curls, curls, curls!!! But hopefully, scarf and turbans have no secret for me....

  6. I ADORE this film! I have it on dvd and always pull it out when I want to look at nice British styling…. Oh and maybe to have a good blub! My fave bit is when she imagines herself in all the different services/jobs- always falling in love with a dashing young man! Ah, such a lovely film. Tupps x

  7. Haha that's a lovely idea Lauren, but I imagine I look quite like a Christmas elf in a jumpsuit.

    Tupney, I love that part too! I was about to put some clips from it, but I didn't have very good ones, sadly.