Thursday, September 15, 2011

Kodachrome Kids

It might be getting clear to you that forties teen fashion is occupying my mind a lot lately. I remembered today that I have several color images of the students of North High School in Worcester, Massachusetts, circa 1946 that I have been wanting to share! Now, these are not  artistic photos, but more like snapshots. I found them through this flickr account and enjoy them immensely. Mainly because a) they show a more realistic side to fashion, lifestyle, and culture of the mid forties and b) they are in glorious, vivid color, which I just love! Also, these photos are a really good resource for young men/ten boy's fashion from that year, which I appreciate very much.

I'm glad that this school had at least a bit of ethnic diversity.

Clearly these boys were taught about the benefits of smoking.

Students on the set of a school play.

I just kept this caption because the notion of a fruit judging contest is humorous to me for some odd reason.

All I can say is that I know I would definitely had a crush on this boy. 

Pretty sweet sweater, no?



  1. 1st: Your blog is the sweetest!! I'm so glad I found it.

    2nd: Oh gosh, these photos are fabulous!! They look like they were taken yesterday! (Except, of course, they're much prettier than yesterday)
    I love how the young lady in tweed in the first picture has straight hair... you never see that in the fashion shoots of the time. Also, high school boys of the '40s were awfully good looking; guess that explains the baby boom, haha.

  2. Hahahahah yes lots of those fellas were hot stuff. I definitely think the styles guys wore then made them much more attractive than those of modern boys... maybe that's just me, though.

    I am so glad you enjoy our blog!! I know both Emily and I love reading yours as well!

  3. These are glorious - thank you for sharing them! I love the two tone shoes and socks, and the hairstyles are fabulous too. I agree about the men - they're so cute with their slicked back hair and collared shirts. I particularly love the boy in the blue sweater vest.

  4. Love love love Kodachrome! It's like real life--only 100x better! :-) Everyone is much better dressed than the people with whom I went to high school. These photographs are such a great find!!! That guy on the right of the last photograph is a dead ringer for Peter Lawford!

  5. So delight to see all these everyday pictures!!! Everything looked better than now...

  6. OH MY GOD Lauren, you're right! He does resemble him. I knew he looked familiar!
    I am glad you all agree about the appeal of well dressed young men, now if I could only find some modern young men who would take note of this fact...